Stone Prosecutors Tried To Blackmail AG Barr

Last week, four rogue prosecutors tried to blackmail William Barr over the sentence recommendation for Roger Stone and it blew up in their faces. Also, President Donald Trump’s tweet wasn’t illegal “influence” on the Attorney General’s review. The conversation on Face the Nation didn’t go quite the way Margaret Brennan wanted it to go on Sunday, when she grilled Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy.

Prosecutors tried to blackmail the Attorney General

Brennan hoped to corner the Senator over Attorney General William Barr’s denial that President Donald Trump influenced his decision on the Roger Stone sentence. What happened is that the liberal deep state prosecutors tried to strong-arm their supervisors. It amounts to blackmail. “The four front-line prosecutors here said, look, we’re going to recommend seven to nine years for Stone, and if you don’t like it, we’re going to quit and call a press conference.” According to Kennedy “That’s not the proper procedure.”

Barr was out of the loop when the charging decision was made, Kennedy points out. “The U.S. attorney in Washington came to Bill Barr and said, ‘hey, I’ve got a question about the sentence.’ So Barr says, ‘well, let’s talk about it.’ In the meantime, the front-line prosecutors went out on their own.” Blackmail like that is something that Kennedy wouldn’t stand for an instant. “I can tell you, if one of my staff members came to me and said, ‘Kennedy, I don’t agree with your position on net neutrality, and if you don’t change it, I’m going to quit and call a press conference.’ I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d say you have me confused with somebody who cares about what you think. Go call your press conference. You can’t resign because you’re fired.”


The president’s tweet

Kennedy got Brennan’s hopes up at the beginning of the show, saying that the president’s tweet on the subject might not have been the best thing to say. At least not then. “Just because you can sing,” Kennedy noted, “doesn’t mean you should sing.” Even Mick Jagger “wouldn’t want to start belting out ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ in church.” Still, the president has the legal right to voice his opinion. Things went downhill for Brennan from there.

The Attorney General was already reviewing the recommended sentence before the President made his controversial tweet. “While the attorney general and others were trying to get the Senate’s recommendations straight, the president tweeted, put the attorney general in an awkward spot.” That absolutely does not mean that the President tried to influence an investigation. “Bill Barr has said categorically and unequivocally that the president has never tried to influence him in a criminal case.” Kennedy explains you have to understand the way the system works. “There are checks and balances,” especially, “when a public figure is involved.”

Four words: Hunter Biden and Burisma

Since she wasn’t getting Senator Kennedy to cooperate on that line of questioning, she shifted her tactics, trying to trap Kennedy into saying the President did something that would be an impeachable offense. “Back in November on Face the Nation, you said if it could be demonstrated that the president asked for an investigation of a political rival, then it would be, in your words, over the line and probably impeachable. Do you still stand by that?” She didn’t like his answer. “It depends on why he asked for it.”

“If a president asked for an investigation of a political rival because he is a political rival, that would be wrong.” Only that isn’t what happened. “The president asked for investigation of Joe Biden and his son and Burisma. He didn’t get Joe Biden’s name out of the phone book. He didn’t ask for an investigation of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.” As Brennan turned several shades of green and started stammering, Kennedy hammered the wooden stake home in her heart. “four words why the president asked for an investigation: Hunter Biden and Burisma.”

“Now, these are the facts. I didn’t make this up. President Obama put Vice President Biden in charge of the foreign affairs of two countries: Ukraine…” She jumped in quick to shut him up.” “…and China. And in both cases…” “We’re running out of time here, Senator.” “…his son walked away with millions of dollars of contract.”

“And you know the message that sent to the world?” She tried real hard to interrupt him but he still managed to finish his thought. “There’s nothing wrong with a president asking for an investigation of corruption.” There is something wrong with deep state federal prosecutors trying to blackmail their supervisors.

  1. Each new month, I feel the criminals are finally going to be prosecuted. Only set up for another disappointment. God bless President Trump and his family!

  2. Shame that those that committed the same crimes are sentenced to long prison sentences and those connected to the deep state walk free. Maybe it is time to wipe the DOJ and start over.

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