Black Lives Matter

Read Closely What Black Lives Matter is Telling Young Minds

A video obtained by the Daily Caller shows four Black Lives Matter activists lecturing students last year regarding their participation in a supposed white supremacist and misogynistic society. The kindergarten through 8th grade students who listened to the performance were told about the evils of capitalism and the necessity of defunding the police by the four activists, who mentioned that they greatly enjoyed their line of work.

Crime is just a social construct

One of the four women explained to students that all of the friends she graduated from high school with are now in prison, this is not their fault though.

The activist made no effort to deny that her friends had done the things which earned them prison sentences, instead she claimed that the real crime is what’s being done to her community through policing.

“Crime is made up” she continued, explaining that everyone commits crimes but that prohibitions against theft, murder, and drug dealing are socially constructed and put in place to oppress black communities.

The fact that these activists believe that everyone commits crimes says much more about them and the people they associate with than about the state of the American justice system.

Keep in mind that this message is being taught to students who haven’t even reached high school yet. These children are being told that crime is a social construct by activists who are presented to them as authority figures.

The Black Lives Matter activists told students that everyone and everything is to blame for black people committing crimes except for the perpetrators of  the crimes themselves.

Black Lives Matter “superheroes”

The women told students that they live in a world which does not allow women to gain positions of power, despite the fact that these activists were speaking from a position of power.

They claimed that, as black women, they have been overlooked and ignored and kept out of traditional power structures which favor white men.

They did not specify what talents or traits they might have which would entitle them to positions of power. Due to their race and gender, they claimed, they are denied “a seat at the table.”

Now, of course, these Black Lives Matter activists do have automatic positions of power available to them if desired. Other qualifications are no longer needed if you have the right demographic background and opinions.

Because this was 2020 and the term had not yet become well known and controversial, the activists felt free to praise the concept of Critical Race Theory, which schools now officially and universally deny teaching.

The teacher hosting the activists praised them as “real life superheroes” before ending the virtual meeting. The Indiana Public Schools employee who leaked the video has been suspended by the district.

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