RINO Trump acquitted impeachment

RINO Receives EPIC Dose of Karma, 11 Family Members DISOWN Him

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois is facing a backlash from 11 members of his own family over his vitriolic opposition to former President Donald Trump. They wrote him a scathing letter calling him out as a RINO.

Family disgusted by treasonous RINO

In a withering Jan. 8 letter, Kinzinger’s cousin, Karen Otto, slammed him for demanding Trump’s removal shortly after his supporters marched on Capitol Hill during a Jan. 6 voter fraud protest.

The RINO congressman declared in a Jan. 7 video that the president had become “unmoored” from reality and must be ousted via the 25th Amendment.

“Oh my, what a disappointment you are to us and to God!” Otto’s letter read. “We were once so proud of your accomplishments! Instead, you go against your Christian principles and join the ‘devil’s army’ (Democrats and the fake news media).”

The scorching two-page missive continued: “You won’t convince us otherwise with your horrible, rude accusations of President Trump! (To embrace a party that believes in abortion and socialism is the ultimate sin.)”

The letter, which was signed by 10 other Kinzinger relatives, accused the six-term congressman of disgracing his entire family.

“It is now most embarrassing to us that we are related to you,” the letter read. “You have embarrassed the Kinzinger family name. … We are thoroughly disgusted with you!! And, oh by the way, we are calling for your removal from office.

“President Trump has done more for the American people in four years, than you, the RINO and the Democrats have done in years!!”


MAGA patriots stand with President Trump

In her emotional letter, Otto said many more family members feel the same way she does, but they were afraid to sign their names.

On Monday, Otto told The New York Times that she had sent copies of the letter to Republicans across Illinois and to the state’s congressional delegation.

Kinzinger’s relatives aren’t the only ones who are furious at him for his repeated attacks on Trump, which started in 2016 and escalated throughout the former president’s tenure.

His eagerness to jump in front of the cameras and deride Trump on demand made Kinzinger a “useful idiot” for the left and a CNN darling.

Ironically, he supported many of Trump’s policies but often trashed him because of his brash personality. Trump is an alpha male, and some beta RINOs just can’t stand him because of it.

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