RINO Stampede in Full Swing Despite Heavy Pressure from GOP Bulldogs

Hard line conservative Senate bulldogs have been putting seriously heavy pressure on Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for their shady dealings which look an awful lot like an illegal influence peddling scheme. At the same time, defecting RINO traitors are showing their true colors by stampeding for the exit. Even if they hold on to the Republican Senate majority after the dust settles, “Republicans are showing little appetite for aggressively pursuing GOP investigations into President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.” They have already decided to give the criminals a get out of jail free card. Just like the one Hillary Clinton got.

RINO traitors to the Constitution

The rule of law in America is dying. The Constitution has been beaten limp and nearly lifeless by the evil forces of darkness behind Black Lives Matter and the Democrat party. We will be holding the funeral in January if Joe Biden is allowed to take the oath of office. Republican Senators Charles Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have been leading the battle with a joint investigation of Hunter Biden this year. They gave it a good try but with Biden the declared victor by the Open Societies Foundation, Their colleagues suddenly want to turn RINO.

The RINO rebel turncoats have already decided to forget all about Hunter, his laptop, and all the money he made and split with his dad. It’s crystal clear to anyone not looking the other direction that Joe Biden was manipulated by the Chinese and Russians as well as the Ukrainians, and God knows who else. There is a lot of other sick stuff allegedly on that laptop but the real incriminating evidence is in the corporate records.

Now that it looks like the Deep State has President Donald Trump on the ropes, RINO Republican In Name Only Senators are selling their loyalty to the New World Order, standing back to to take “a wait-and-see approach.” They’re already plotting appeasement. According to The Hill, “One of the considerations among Republicans is a desire by some to lower the partisan temperature and possibly explore common ground with Democrats on infrastructure, trade and other issues.”

Either with America or against her

The time has come for every single American to pick a side and Republicans are heading for the hills in a whole herd of stampeding RINO defectors. They have made the decision that progressive liberal ideas are more important than the U.S. Constitution. That’s a scary thought for conservative patriotic Americans, but not too scary. The Constitution provides the tools that American citizens need to defend the republic, along with their liberty and freedom. President Donald Trump has the power and the authority to do something about it. He needs support from every patriotic American to defend the Constitution.

When conservative Americans hear supposed fellow right wingers like Charles Koch proving he’s a sell-out RINO by saying things like, “he now wants to work with the Biden administration on as many issues as possible,” they want to throw up. Senator Grassley, on the other hand, “sent a seven-page letter to Attorney General William Barr on Monday asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to review the business dealings of Hunter and James Biden — Joe Biden’s brother — and whether they require registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.” He’s actually doing something productive to enforce the law. He’s a voice crying out in the darkness.

RINO Senators, even ones on his own committee, are standing in his way. Nobody wants the public to know if “Hunter or James Biden ever asked for an advisory opinion from the Justice Department about whether they needed to register under FARA.” They came unglued when he demanded copies of “a complete record of prosecutorial memoranda and correspondence” between the agency and the Bidens on their FARA obligations or “other criminal activity for which the DOJ and FBI are reviewing their conduct.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump is supposed to hand over the nuclear launch codes along with the keys to the White House to an obvious criminal. Oh wait, that’s been debunked. The fact checkers have proven that you can’t be a criminal if there aren’t any laws.

  1. be prepared for hell on earth if biden wins, you physo’s…you have just plunged us into darkness forever…I hope you ALL ROT IN HELL for letting this happen…good luck with your children and grandchildren

  2. I can’t believe how some Republicans can just roll over a play dead with democrats. It never happens the other way around. Is it that they don’t want to upset the Good-Old-Boy network or they are as dirty as they come and don’t want anything unearthed. I just don’t get it!

  3. Did you notice how all of the Crooked Biden Crime Family were dark sun glasses ? As if they are ashamed of the many crimes they have already committed! They should be anyway.

  4. For the last time! THERE IS NO PRESIDENT-ELECT! NewsHourFirst! Wake up! Have you not been paying attention? What’s wrong with you?

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