The Destruction of the US Takes Another Step Forward

Crime in our nation’s capitol is uncontrollable. The reason for that can be squarely nailed to progressive policies. The D.C. city council decriminalized practically all misdemeanors and most felonies. That’s when shootings, carjackings and armed robbery reports correspondingly went through the roof. The story is the same in every Democrat run jurisdiction.

Crime spike no surprise

When you make it clear to professional criminals that there won’t be any consequences, then crime rates skyrocket. That’s a logical conclusion obvious to everyone but Democrats. They’re either totally oblivious to reality, or intentionally creating lawless anarchy and chaos for their own nefarious purposes.

That makes sense when you consider that the destruction of USA as a “nation” is one of their primary goals. Democrats are already bowing down to the open borders, one world government crowd in Brussels.

As Fox News reports, the district “saw a bleak start to the new year with violent crimes plastered across the front pages of local news after the city council voted to lessen sentences for some criminal conduct.

That’s an understatement. The crime wave has spiraled out of control.

On Tuesday, January 17, the D.C. City Council voted 12-1 to override Mayor Muriel Bowser’s veto. That means a “gigantic remodeling to the city’s criminal code” will go through despite her screams of horror.

The crime rate already spiked, simply from rumors this would pass. Now that it’s a done deal every rat in the hood is making plans for expanding their business.

Slap on wrist sentencing

Hardcore violent criminals are thrilled to learn that maximum sentences have been drastically reduced across the board. Along with that, the easy on crime council voted the “elimination of nearly all mandatory minimum sentences.

Even petty criminals facing minor social offense raps can force the state to run them through the expense and logistics nightmare of a jury trial.

Heavily outnumbered conservatives are furious that dangerous inmates, even those convicted on the violent crime of murder, can ask for early release after 20 years. “C’mon man, lemme out and give me a chance. I been good in here. I promise I won’t kill nobody.” Amazingly, liberals will believe them. Democrats aren’t phased by recent headlines. Unfair and imbalanced Faux News actually noticed how bad it’s become.

On Monday,” they write, “the top local stories in the Post all related to crime, including a man fatally shot at a metro station, another man shot in a D.C. building, two people found dead following a fire, and a body found just two blocks from the White House.” Isn’t Democrat progress wonderful?

Things weren’t much better at NBC. The local affiliate station was running “the recent local shootings and a story about a city police officer stabbed in the face.” Did we mention the problem they have getting and keeping cops on the force?

Over on ABC, they left the gun violence out of it with their crime reports. They focused on “fentanyl overdoses, a call to hire more police officers to address a rise in illegally parked cars” and “a woman arrested after assaulting a police officer.” Almost as an oversight, they also reported one shooting.

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