Trump Prediction Comes True!

The anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine will be distributed throughout the nation to help with the most seriously ill patients. The FDA gave emergency approval to the Trump administration to try the drugs. There’s only been a few studies showing any improvement but it’s all we have right now. The drugs’ side effects could become more commonplace among those with prior health problems. Screening is recommended.

“The concern really is if we’re talking millions of patients, then this issue of drug-induced sudden cardiac death is absolutely going to rear its ugly head,’’ explained Michael Ackerman, a pediatric cardiologist at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. He recently wrote a paper regarding the risks of these drugs.

But doctors have already been using this “off label”. Maybe the FDA thought it should get with the program. It’s good that some people in the trenches have been listened to. Trump will listen but others might not due to politics. Is the risk of death due to coronavirus greater than the risk of death from any side effects?

Trump knows there’s nothing out there otherwise

The FDA’s letter Saturday said essentially that it’s worth a shot, Trump should do it. Other countries have adopted this, lab testing is showing improvement.

“It is reasonable to believe that chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate may be effective in treating covid-19,” said the FDA’s chief scientist, Denise Hinton in the letter.

A French study that tracked 20 coronavirus patients receiving hydroxychloroquine or a combination of that and the antibiotic azithromycin. Half the patients got better on the hydroxychloroquine alone. ALL patients receiving the combination recovered. With Trump as President, politics is what’s keeping this from moving forward faster.

In a war, you don’t have time for a lot of caution and testing

Trump has already declared war on this invisible enemy. China found no improvement. But that’s China. Their culture is such that people will go to their graves knowing things that would damage their families. You will get no truth from them.

Novartis and Bayer are contributing millions of dosages to the federal government which will be distributed through the Strategic National Stockpile. This unusual action came from the Department of Health and Human Services. New York has become the hotbed for the virus, thousands of dosages have already been authorized there.

Trump has said repeatedly he thought the drug would work. Dr. Fauci has stressed caution. Shouldn’t that be obvious and it’s what everybody has been doing?

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar praised Trump for “taking every possible step to protect Americans from the coronavirus and provide them with hope.”

But the FDA has been slow even under emergency guidelines. “You need a degree of scientific evidence. It’s in the guidance. You can’t just bless it,’’ said consultant Lewis Schrager, a doctor who worked with the FDA.

We’re in a war. If people in another country heal with a drug, use it!

The news got out about hydroxychloroquine which is also used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. People who normally use it can’t get it. There’s been a run on the drug. People are hoarding it.

Ackerman mentioned about the side effect arrhythmia. “If we’re treating a hundred people, then this is a very rare side effect that will never happen,” he said. “If we’re talking 1 million, and one percent are at real risk of this tragic side effect, that is 10,000 people.” That’s why we’ll be screening, Dr. Ackerman.

  1. I listened to an interview Laura Ingraham talked with an expert in hydroxychloroquine (I forget his name, but he runs the largest Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis practices in the country which is based in California). He said that if standard doses are given (rather than huge overdoses some doctors prescribe) that he has never had a patient who suffered from the advertised side effects of the drug. Some of his patients have heart problems and none has died because of the drug. He also noted that NONE of his patients had contracted the COVID-19 virus. It sounds very much like the drug could be both the treatment for current COVID-19 patients, but might actually be the coveted vaccine for COVID-19, as well. While it sounds as though the drug has been approved for treatment, that officials are still trying to scare the hell out of people to prevent them from actually using it.

  2. If the present treatments, as per European-Studies done, are getting people better, why bother with all the nonsense coming from the FDA. I have a feeling that the FDA has a Pharmaceutical Company, in mind, that will make Billions of Dollars on a Vaccine. People/Administrators, at the FDA, will get some Kickbacks, like always.

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