Democrat Operative Admits

It can happen anywhere. You use Facebook to brag about something at work and wind up at the very least getting fired. People have been encouraged to share everything, it’s your first Amendment right!

Just because it’s a right doesn’t mean it’s legal or smart to talk about it to the world. This operative just learned the hard way that there’s actually laws against this. Was he even taught this in school?

Operative thought it was all a joke

The laws a President makes can impact your life. Even those leaders you don’t agree with at least need to be watched to see what laws are being made. Something you were able to do one year might not be an option the next.

There are multiple reasons for making more than one Facebook account. Among them can be deceitful reasons. It doesn’t make Kiel Fauxton of Detroit look too good when he mentions working for the Democrat party either.

Operative might not be the best occupation

If you’re in the Democratic party. You better be paid well enough so you can disappear after your dirty work. People spotted his Facebook posts, then he came clean. “Time to come clean. I work for Wayne County, MI, and I threw out every Trump ballot I saw. Tens of thousands of them, and so did my coworkers.”

He was unafraid to be called a Marxist. Even after people were taking screen shots saying he needs to be arrested, Kiel said, “Why do they always say ‘self-proclaimed Marxist” you can just say marxist” If you want to be a Marxist, you’re in the wrong country.

This operative may be getting pushed against the wall

Because Kiel may not be his real name. Whoever it was may have had to go into hiding. He wrote to one news outlet, “I am humbly asking you to please update this. It was a joke for my few followers, I never intended to receive anyone. I\’ve never been a ballot counter. I made a big mistake and wish I could undo it.”

The Facebook account in which he bragged about taking Trump ballots is gone. The account that lists his residence as Cuba is still active. Democrats have been screaming Russian interference for years to distract. Was there actual Cuban interference instead this time?

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