WOW: Fox News Slides Further Left…Silences and Cancels Well Respected Conservative

Fox News slides further left this weekend as they silence and then cancel the well respected Judge Jeanine. This comes at the height of controversy swirling around a potentially rigged election process and a slow walk Coup d’état.

Judge Jeanine a Fox News contributor over the past four years has vocally been supportive of the President Donald J Trump, and has covered many stories on how deep corruption goes within the democrat party.

Freedom of the press, and freedom of speech are under attack by the leftist mobs and their liberal owned platforms.

Just this week, Steven Bannon was permanently suspended from Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube.

Twitter has begun flagging most of Donald Trumps Tweets with ‘This Claim of Election Fraud is Disputed’

These are just a few examples of how they are silencing and flagging Conservative voices across America right now.

Fox News shifts further and further left, thus if you look at the mass exodus of brilliant contributors like Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Roger Ailes, and even Bill O’Reilly.

Backfilling these positions with corrupt and vocally hate filled liberals like Donna Brazile who admitted to helping Hillary Clinton cheat in the 2016 elections.

The question many conservatives and republicans are asking right now is how does a corrupt liberal who was caught cheating during an election process land a high ranking position on a once conservative based news network like Fox News?

Conservatives are fighting a war currently on many fronts, and the silent majority needs to step up and speak out against these clear violations to our constitutional rights as Americans.

We the American people are witnessing a hostile takeover of our country from within. Donald J Trump was hired to do a job, and from his accomplishments has done EXACTLY what we the American people hired him to do.

The constant attacks on the President, his children, and our beloved first lady Melania are out of control and completely uncalled for. Rise up Americans! Tell your senators that you demand justice.



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