State University Professor Openly Discusses How Racist She is Towards Caucasians

A professor at Iowa State University is receiving attention for tweets which blatantly express her hatred for Caucasians.  Iowa State Sociology professor Rita Mookerjee in multiple posts from 2020 openly talked about her dislike for white people, including her own students. Mookerjee was particularly offended that someone allegedly described her as white, explaining that she was very disgusted by the accusation.

Professor not punished for racial rants

In several posts the professor did not even spell out the word “white,” instead replacing it with “yt,” intended to be a derogatory slang for white people.

Obviously the fact that someone like this is teaching students at all is very concerning. Mookerjee in a sane world would not be allowed within a mile of any classroom.

Unfortunately, as a university professor, there is no question of Mookerjee being punished for expressing her racial hatreds.

In fact, the professor is not even having her extra speaking invitations rescinded. The student government at Iowa State announced that they would not be canceling her appearance as a speaker at a women’s week panel on “diversity and inclusion.”

The student government, surprisingly, actually acknowledged that Mookerjee and her views were concerning and yet they also decided that, in this one instance, they have to be very devoted to free speech.

The student government was much more harsh than the school itself, which apparently felt that nothing at all was wrong with what Mookerjee said.

Anti-white hate acceptable at university

Someone who expresses these views about an entire race of people surely is not grading her students fairly, but this too has become acceptable for liberals.

In fact it appears that nothing Mookerjee said is at all beyond the pale for most mainstream liberals and Democrats in the current year.

Replies to the student government statement on Twitter were generally very supportive of the professor and her right to discriminate against white people.

To Mookerjee and friends it is only fair that they be allowed to attack white people as it makes up for their supposed history of oppression.

Nothing out of the ordinary with that in fact, as it has now become official United States Government policy to discriminate against white people wherever possible.

Overall, the only remotely surprising portion of this portion of this story is the fact that anyone at all on a university campus was willing to disavow any of the anti-white statements made by this professor.

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