Official Breaks Silence: ‘Complex’ Dirty Cop Scandal

America’s DEA, FBI and CIA are all infested with dirty cops, Mexico’s president warns, urging the Trump administration to investigate not just a few, but “all” of our officials to identify the rats. Especially “members of elite U.S. law enforcement agencies with ties” to Mexico’s disgraced Security Minister. He’s even been photographed acting chummy with Hillary Clinton. Everyone thought that Genaro Garcia Luna was waging all out war against the cartels, until he turned out to be on El Chapo’s payroll. The tangle of deception is complex.

America infested by a rat’s nest of dirty cops

Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged President Donald Trump’s administration on Monday to investigate our highest ranking law enforcement officials. When Mexico’s Security Minister was arrested last year in Dallas, Texas, the shock waves it sent across Mexico blasted up more mud than anyone would imagine.

“The U.S. government, now that it has begun an investigation, should delve deeper and also investigate officials” with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Lopez Obrador warned during his usual morning news conference. He suggests that the inquiry needs to be a big one because he expects it will uncover “wrongdoing by more than just one” dirty official.

Garcia Luna was charged with “accepting millions of dollars in bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel,” that’s the one formerly run by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.” According to President Lopez Obrador, we need to be particularly careful to look into every official and agent who “intervened during this period, because without a doubt, there was cooperation.” Meaning cooperation between U.S. Law Enforcement and the cartels. He expects to find “criminal association” among dirty cops in both governments.

Diplomat says it’s ‘old news’

According to a former American ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, both governments were already aware of the dirty cops. She told Mexican reporters that “the information we obtained,” meaning at the State Department, “was drawn from U.S. officials, but it came from Mexicans, they were the ones who received and had most information about Garcia Luna’s corruption.”

She never personally saw any hard evidence but notes, “in an environment of many rumors, one is always cautious about working with officials.” A couple of those rumors involve dirty spooks with the CIA and FBI. According to Reuters, “A former FBI official in Mexico and an ex-CIA official both worked at a security company run by Garcia Luna until 2018.”

One of the reasons that Mexico’s president warned us now about the dirty cops is because the Security Minister’s corruption trial is expected to drag out for a long while. The Judge was already whining that the process will be “prolonged due to its ‘complex’ nature.”

  1. Since labrador is very likely up to his eyeballs in the bribery and corruption, who would know better how deep it is in both countries? Unfortunately, we will probably never be able to root out all of the evil doers – but we should certainly try.

  2. We all knew that there was corruption in our Intelligence Community and FBI, but most of us thought that their corruption was focused on the destruction of President Trump. But, a guy’s got to eat, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they might branch out into more money making arenas. It really hurts that a country as corrupt as Mexico has to be the entity who tips us off to the added corruption. The story has it that only 1% of the community is bad, but then I hear about FBI field agents leaking information to reporters for bottles of booze, tickets to rock concerts, etc. Little corruption is still corruption, isn’t it? Once small crimes are committed, others have to assist in cover-up and that’s more corruption. I’m not too certain that there is anyone in government who is not corrupt.

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