President Trumps 15 Reasons to Vote For Him

The news media will lie to you. They don’t report the news anymore. They’ll take his words and twist them. The best way to find out his philosophy, what he’s done and what he wants to do is straight from his lips. Trump works tirelessly and he does it for free too. People forget he donates his pay as President to charity. You need to have a strong foundation to do what he does. He tweeted out 15 reasons for him to keep it up.

Trump puts money in your pocket

Among those 15 tweets, he reveals he wants Americans to make more money for themselves. The more money we can make and keep, the more likely charities will benefit. STOCK MARKET HIGHS. VOTE!

BIGGEST TAX CUT EVER AND ANOTHER ONE COMING. VOTE! Trump knows each American will get more done with the money in their pocket than leaving it in government hands.

MASSIVE REGULATION CUTS. VOTE! Not everybody ties massive regulation to a reduction in your paycheck. But once that’s studied, it’s arguable that regulation affects the payday just as much as taxes do. If a business has to put out capital to deal with a regulation, that’s less money for the business, less for the employee.

You can hope that while working you can save some money in the event of a disaster or a need. The 401K is one vehicle that Trump wants to keep healthy. The one simple tweet of 401K. VOTE! Brought that aspect to our attention.

Trump believes strongly in the United States

And the reasons we’re still the nation we are. One of those is due to the military. Once people understand our history, they commonly understand the need for a healthy army. Trump has actually increased military pay! STRONGEST EVER MILITARY. VOTE!

He feels our veterans should be taken care of to the point of where he’s worked on the Veterans Administrative. BEST V.A. EVER. 91% APPROVAL RATING. VOTE!

There are countries around us that only understand power and the threat to them. No negotiations will work so you need to show the world that you are strong and you aren’t afraid to use it. Trump also knows it does no good in some places to have our soldiers there. We send our troops places and get our face slapped. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH (BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME). VOTE!

Trump believes in life and healthcare

As much as Democrats hate to admit it, what if that baby that was conceived in less than wonderful circumstances winds up being the one that saves you, that helps us all? PRO LIFE! VOTE!

We can do so much better with our healthcare too. He wants pre existing conditions to be covered to the point of an executive order. BETTER & CHEAPER HEALTHCARE. VOTE! And PROTECT PREEXISTING CONDITIONS. VOTE! Were two more tweets that encouraged belief in him.

There were a couple others that can be found. Liberals have lied to Americans successfully. It’s great that we’ve found somebody who can pound back.

  1. #16: To protect and defend our Constitution from the coup plotters who would turn our Republic into a European parliamentary democracy, run in reality by the “shadow government.” That is the real intent of the “Harris administration with Joe Biden as president.” It’s not about “the squad,” it’s about Barack Obama’s third term. And it’s for all the marbles.

  2. Ask not who the candidate is,
    Ask what you can do for your freedoms.

    Vote NOT for the flawed candidates, vote for freedom vs always failed socialism/communism

    For the low information/busy voters, slogans like the above should be blasted all over in 5/10 second TV/radio spots, email, etc, etc, etc.

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