Senator Grassley Peels Back The Illegal Activities of the FBI

The malaise within the FBI continues to face exposure as Senator Chuck Grassley levels further accusations against the bureau and its leadership. The Iowa Republican stated that FBI Director Christopher Wray has consistently refused to respond to his queries regarding confidential information which was intentionally leaked to the press in an attempt to smear him. Grassley compared this silence to that which occurred in the Larry Nassar case.

FBI enabled Larry Nassar

The FBI and Christopher Wray have been under intense scrutiny resulting from testimony by gymnasts who reported Nassar and were repeatedly ignored before any investigation began.

The gymnasts have called for an external investigation into the FBI, which seems to have intentionally refused to pursue Nassar or put a stop to his abuse.

The former USA Gymnastics Team doctor was permitted to abuse potentially hundreds of girls before the FBI made any effort to act against him.

This has been described as a botched handling of the situation but given that agents were repeatedly told about Nassar there had to have been a willful effort to prevent a proper investigation.

Christopher Wray and other top leadership at the FBI must have been fully aware of what was going on but the director has insisted that he has nothing to say about the mishandling of the case.

According to Senator Grassley this is not the only touchy subject on which Wray has been working to evade any scrutiny.

Grassley accuses Wray of evading questions

Grassley claims that Wray has consistently declined to meet with the him regarding his concerns about potential illegalities committed by the FBI last year.

As an unelected bureaucrat Wray should be obligated to answer elected officials who express such concerns and explain what his otherwise unaccountable agency is doing.

Instead, the FBI continues to enjoy a power trip with no transparency or accountability as it pursues political enemies and protects criminals like Nassar.

No one at the FBI has been sufficiently punished for their decision to enable Nassar. This implies that there is, as Grassley argues, a fundamental problem at the highest levels of the FBI.

This thoroughly opaque government agency enjoys immense power and is known to operate on a partisan basis and to ignore criminals who have, for whatever reason, earned its approval.

Christopher Wray has admitted that he has no answer for the behavior of his agency. Senator Grassley and his colleagues must force him to start providing answers.

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