New Stats Come Out and It’s Looking Really BAD for Biden Team

The May jobs report shows that May was another disappointing month for Biden Administration economic plans. Enthusiastic predictions had imagined the United States economy gaining one million jobs per month as the nation recovered from the economic effects of the pandemic. Unfortunately for Biden, the May report reveals that employment growth is still relatively sluggish.

Biden jobs numbers still underwhelming

Expectations for May job growth had suggested that the month would see 667,000 new jobs. The actual total is reported as 559,000.

Restaurants and bars experienced the most job growth, having been heavily damaged by the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.

The construction and retail sectors lost jobs. Both public and private schools made some gains. Clearly, reopening is going more smoothly for some sectors than others.

Both Republicans and Democrats pointed to the report to bolster their arguments over the state of the Biden economy.

Both are also divided over the cause of the large numbers of working-age adults who have not returned to the workforce.

Economists and officials are concerned that the available supply of workers is not matching the current demand, pointing to the large numbers of employers who are struggling to fill openings.

Economic recovery moving slowly

A large part of the problem may be related to the sectors which are seeing job growth currently. The real health of the economy is certainly not reflected by the bare unemployment numbers.

The growth which Biden can point to currently is primarily focused around low-paying leisure and hospitality jobs while work in better paying fields like construction has continued to evaporate.

Even if Biden had reached his goal of one million jobs gained every month, many Americans who previously held steady jobs before the pandemic are still being forced to trade them now for low income fast food or retail work. The numbers alone cannot reflect this.

Another frequent concern expressed by both parties has been the fact that many mothers are still choosing to stay at home with their children rather than reentering the workforce.

Building an economy in which the average family can afford to raise their own children without both parents needing to be employed full time seems to be a low priority for D.C.

Both parties will attempt to blame each other for the disappointing progress, as well as either lazy workers or greedy employers. The reality of the situation, however, seems to be obvious enough: real economic recovery is still out of reach after five months of a President Biden.

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