Staggering New Jobless Report Comes Out

Tens of thousands of new Americans continue to find themselves jobless every week. A new unemployment report from the Department of Labor reported 55,854 new unemployment claims being filed in one week in Tennessee and Virginia alone. In spite of promises from the government, finding and keeping work continues to be an enormous challenge for millions of Americans.

More Americans jobless

The Tennessee and Virginia numbers for the week ending on March 27 were an increase over the number of new claims filed in the week before.

While the difference itself was not dramatic, the fact that the number of newly jobless Americans continues to increase rather than decrease, even as the pandemic chaos is allegedly subsiding, is a significant finding.

The Biden administration would certainly like Americans to think that the unemployment rate will now be steadily returning to normal now that effects of the virus and lockdowns are allegedly under control.

The new numbers are a clear indication that the percentage of Americans currently jobless is not, in fact, declining now that the Biden administration is in office.

Unemployment numbers are certainly unlikely to improve at all so long as the threat of more lockdowns exists.

Administration officials, who have assured Americans that jobs will be available after the restrictions end, have also continued to imply that more restrictions and lockdowns may be put into place if the situation changes.

Unemployment rates still going up

While current policies are unlikely to inspire much confidence from prospective employers, Americans are struggling to find work regardless.

While the raw unemployment numbers are bad enough, the real numbers are likely far worse than what appears in the Department of Labor report.

Millions of Americans have either given up on finding work altogether or are underemployed and doing only part-time work or work for which they are overqualified.

As jobless Americans continue to see much of their potential work be either automated, shipped overseas, or made redundant by Amazon and other massive corporations through a combination of both, there are few sources of optimism.

The very real fear for many is that the jobs they have lost may never come back now, with small businesses and entire industries crushed by the lockdowns of the past year.

Government agencies may be eager to ensure America that things are going back to normal, but for now the numbers continue to tell a very different story.

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