Say Goodbye to Fossil Fuels…Joe Wasn’t Joking and Neither are Radical Democrats

Joe Biden wasn’t joking when he promised the young radical progressives that he’ll eliminate fossil fuels. Americans who like gasoline engines better hope that President Donald Trump declares a state of national emergency before Biden gets a chance to.

Liberals demand Joe declare ‘green’ emergency

Radical progressives in the Democrat party are convinced that without military intervention the Earth will turn into Waterworld.

They’re demanding that Joe declare a national emergency to clean up the planet before we all die. Naming a “climate czar” isn’t nearly good enough for progressive environmentalists.

“Invoking a climate emergency could give Biden the authority to circumvent Congress and fund clean energy projects, shut down crude oil exports, suspend offshore drilling and curtail the movement of fossil fuels on pipelines, trains, and ships.”

Without “fossil fuels” moving around anywhere, then your car won’t be moving around either. ClearView Energy Partners wants you to ride your bike to work. If you still have a job after they crush the oil industry, that is.

“The president’s powers to address climate change through an emergency are very, very large,” asserts Kassie Siegel. She’s absolutely right. Any president, even Joe Biden, can do pretty much anything he wants in an emergency. That is exactly why it is so important for President Donald Trump to do it first.

Siegel is an attorney with the environmental group Center for Biological Diversity. Her group is poking Joe to get moving with a very sharp stick.

“This is No. 1 on the list of things the Biden administration should do.” Since Biden is a puppet on strings who does whatever his handlers tell him to do, then his administration will do it.

Transition team sidesteps the issue

Joe Biden’s handlers aren’t about to let the gaffe prone figurehead to commit to declaring a state of emergency, especially when he hasn’t officially stolen the election yet.

He’s playing it cagey and waiting to see if he can avoid a cage himself when all the election fallout falls out. His transition team sidestepped the issue in an official statement.

The Joe Biden “transition” team “didn’t explicitly address the question of a climate emergency,” WorldOil writes. “saying only that he plans to follow through on his policy platform to fight the climate crisis while creating millions of jobs.”

He plans to do that by raising taxes on businesses and those who capitalize them, while starving them for fuel. A recipe for death.

The environmental groups aren’t going to give Joe a moment’s peace until he caves in to their demands to declare an emergency and send in the troops. The issue of national emergency is already starting friction.

“It signals the tough fights ahead for the new president, as he walks a line between satisfying activists who backed his campaign and not promoting measures that would draw opposition from more moderate Democrats.”

While not exactly warming up to the idea, Biden’s team isn’t leaving the environmentalists totally out in the cold either. “President-elect Joe Biden is determined to seize the future now and leave a healing planet to future generations.”

Between Biden and Trump, one president or another is going to seize power. How bloody the following civil war gets depends on which one.

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