Some of the Smartest People on the Planet are Fighting Back Against the Deep State

The Biden administration is hard at work punishing those who dared to want something other than the Deep State. The problem is a nuclear meltdown or explosion would affect them too but they’re not thinking that far ahead. Afghanistan was that proof. A furious Illinois parent reminded the world of the Nuremberg code on top of the vast majority, or 96%, of the employees here are vaccinated. They should be fine.

The Deep State needs 100% compliance

Or you lose everything. The Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the atomic bomb was born, is demanding remaining unvaccinated employees get the shot or get the boot.

A state district judge will look at the lawsuit filed by 114 employees to see if they can remain on the job til the case is dealt with. They allege their exemptions have been denied and constitutional rights have been violated by Triad National Security. Triad is a contractor that runs the lab for the US Department of Energy.

The Deep State can wipe itself out

These are very specialized people, some of which have been on the job for decades. There are scientists, nuclear engineers, project managers and research technicians, people who have some of the highest clearances in the nation. Some have relocated from other countries. There are some places where being short handed can be deadly. Greg Mello is part of the Los Alamos Study Group, a watchdog group that monitors the lab. He said, “In any organization there are people, not always recognized, who quietly make the work of others possible. Lose them, and you are in trouble.”

The lawsuit points out the hostile environment. They’re being harassed. Out of the 114 people in the case, 34 are named. The remainder don’t dare reveal their names out of fear of retaliation.

The deep state maybe looking for payoff

This lab has almost 14,000 people and is among the largest employers in New Mexico. It’s also a very affluent county due to the high number of PhD’s. Extortion can happen in more than one way.

The lawsuit points to the science that’s being ignored. “The fact that the vaccines have only been shown to reduce symptoms of the recipient and not prevent infection or transmission is a fact extremely important to plaintiffs’ claims.” Mello pointed out that the facility should have plenty of immunity currently. “If LANL doesn’t have herd immunity at this point, there is no basis for the mandate. LANL is not being scientific,” he reminded.

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