After Many Months of Fear Mongering, He Finally Walks it Back…And Trump Knew it Would Happen

There are so many things Trump has accurately predicted, this is one more. Elected officials only care about staying elected. At 6 – 8 weeks in we’ve had the facts and since then, even according to the CDC, those numbers have improved so there’s less death. We also know it affects those over the age of 70 or those with comorbidities much more than kids.

Trump wants kids to go back to school

It’s healthy for them! Properly worked with, kids naturally want to learn. They also need the community of other kids their age. No decision should ever be based on being re elected or not.

June 5 on CNBC Dr. Fauci said opening the schools was “a complicated answer”. There’s nothing complicated about it. The kids are far less likely to contract this and when they do, they’re young, they bounce back. By June we had the numbers. He wouldn’t actually say we could go back, he just didn’t answer.

Trump knows the media and the swamp are against him

Senator Rand Paul is also a doctor. It’s not uncommon that people might go to different doctors to get their opinions and weight the best treatment. Many doctors over the course of these nine months have been successfully curing or at least treating the virus, only to have their reputations ruined online. That makes no sense.

But Fauci’s singing a completely different tune the end of November. Trump is a New York businessman. He saw right through Fauci. After being in Washington DC for four years, he’s predicted people’s behavior so he’s at least a step ahead.

Trump makes deals

He needs to know who and what he’s dealing with so a strategy can be set. Trump has already set one trap the Democrats walked right into. There are probably others.

Some Americans can see through this. Some have protested and refused to wear masks. The media is going to justify their existence by continuing to sound the alarm. Trump understands that.  Turn off your TV! The media isn’t reporting the news anymore.

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