Race Baiting Professor: ‘They Have Deputized ALL White People to Murder Us’

The way “race baiting” Associate Professor Tressie McMillian Cottom sees the current situation, each and every white person has been “deputized” to murder Black people to their heart’s content. She’s a typical liberal teacher at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science but she’s taken it upon herself to demonize Kyle Rittenhouse and the vigilante justice he was attempting to supply before he was forced to defend his life from armed assailants rioting in the streets.

Deputized to murder looters

Liberals actually believe the nonsense that exercising Second Amendment rights to carry arms and use them in self-defense is the equivalent of granting a hunting license to go out and shoot Black people. By declaring that all White people have been “deputized” to murder looters also assumes that “Black” people will be the ones intentionally setting themselves up as targets by burning and looting businesses every night, as has been happening for three straight months now.

It’s no wonder the “children of darkness” are rioting in the streets these days. Their minds have been manipulated by liberal teachers their entire lives. Without police enforcing the laws, concerned citizens have started taking the law into their own hands and liberals are infuriated. It’s illegal to form vigilante groups just to defend private property. It’s also illegal to burn that property down, so there’s a Mexican standoff. The professor understands that completely. That’s why she used the word “deputized.” Even she understands that law and order is involved. Deputies are makeshift assistants pressed into service as required by law enforcement, to bring criminals to justice. They aren’t just handed a gun and sent out to start shooting anything that moves.

Professor Cottom got cheesed off when she heard Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on TV saying, “the way you stop the violence, the way you stop the rioting is you surge manpower and resources, citizen soldiers, National Guard, and you overwhelm the number of rioters so they can’t riot.” That would defeat the whole purpose of defunding and disarming the police. With all those “deputized” militia types running around, nobody in the neighborhood will be able to get new Jordan’s or a big screen TV. It’s all about them “reparations.”

A citizen soldier

“Kyle Rittenhouse,” Ms. Cottom tweeted, “who murdered 2 people, is a citizen soldier.” He didn’t murder anyone. The attackers tried to murder him and he prevented it. That’s called self-defense. He was prepared and ready for trouble, and it was there as expected. She is right about one thing though. Rittenhouse is a “citizen soldier.” You could even convincingly argue that he was officially “deputized.” The ceremony happened the instant a passing police officer tossed the young man a water bottle. The officer saw he was well armed and clearly sanctioned his presence on guard duty.

Kyle Rittenhouse and the police are on the same side. Both want law and order. Its the looters and rioters that are terrified that armed citizens might put a stop to their nightly “100 percent off sale” shopping sprees. While his legal team hasn’t mentioned a word about anyone being formally deputized into defending the neighborhood, the man’s attorneys are convinced that justice will prevail. The argument that he’s a White supremacist and prejudiced against Blacks doesn’t hold water when he has no known affiliations and didn’t shoot anyone who was Black.

Professor Cottom might think twice before tapping out another tweet like that one. She “received backlash about her comments regarding white people being deputized to kill black people.” That prompted her to respond, “Oh the racists are big mad about this one, I see.” She followed that with one that shows she knows what should come next. “Whew. This is gonna be a doozy. They’ve sent them body snatchers. Ah well, if this account disappears you’ll know that I took it as a sign from god.”

Outrage over deputized vigilantes is only the tip of the outrageousness iceberg in colleges these days. Watchdog group Campus Reform had already noted that “a number of math professors and so-called academics at ‘top’ universities in the country, such as Harvard and the University of Illinois cited the ‘Eurocentric’ roots of American mathematics.” When even mathematics gets a liberal makeover, it’s no wonder that engineers can’t build bridges which actually stand up anymore. If you don’t think that’s scary, “Brooklyn College Professor of Math Education Laurie Rubel took to Twitter this week and claimed that the mathematical equation 2+2=4 ‘reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.'”

  1. Well dumb ass … if they did … won’t you be dead by now ??? Your a teacher and this is the kind of BS your teaching ??? They should kill racists people like you that only trys to cause racial arrest . You cry racists but ya teach it to others . So who’s the real racists here . But then not all blacks are racists … some kill black kids as well as white kids . They hate who their told to hate and some times kill them . That’s what good slaves do right BLM ??? They work for their master’s , the delusional democrats . You know the ones always crying trump is a racists . I bet because cause he won’t kill kids … black or white . Won’t burn or loot your neighborhoods like the delusional democrats do . Keep teaching stupid crap like this then cry about it . It only shows us just how stupid you really are . Dumb ass … I’am for the killing of stupid people to save our country . After all some must die for the cause … right BLM ??? Your words … not mine

    1. This is a result of affirmative action. Without it her lack of brains would have been insufficient to earn even an elementary school diploma. Total waste of our funds while denying those with the brains the ability to obtain a degree. We are reaping what we sowed.

  2. My wife came from Barbados, was certified as a nurse assistant in Canada, worked in NYC hospitals, and is a lovely black lady! I am Irish, Norwegian, Swiss, and German, and my DNA says “1%” African. Raised in the Air Force, served a full career and retired, I do NOT see the color of your skin, BUT, the timber of your personality, ethics, and the fairness of your friendship. I have now witnessed someone as spiteful as the white supremacists, both of whom I reject! My prayers to God are that you become less malignant a cancer upon the youths in my society. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Now, I really do have to get back to teaching my neighbors of all cultures and nations how to dismantle their firearms, clean and reassemble and then load and lock them. I also teach them not to place their finger upon the trigger, until they determine you are vile, bitter, evil, menacing, and have come to kill them or their precious children! Our Neighborhood Watch includes armed Cuban refugees, and immigrant refugees from a dozen nations. They all despise you for your arrogance, as well as do I. We have all fought evil socialists much more powerful than you!

  3. Yep. She’s a waste of sperm. And dumber than a shoelace. Hope they duck tape her ass to a toilet seat and feed her laxitives for a week. Hallelujah.

  4. IF you continue to terrorize Americans… YES… people LIKE you will be in danger of being STOPPED at all cost. It’s YOUR choice… Either OBEY the LAW or you will be PUT where you animals belong.

  5. Associate Professor Tressie McMillian Cottom is a nasty, ugly, dangerous RACIST, typical of many other fat ugly Negroes who are too dumb and angry to see the reality of why Negroes always push RACISM as a way of life to get freebies, money and power.

  6. Professor Cotton, that has to be the dumbest statement ever made by a black person let alone a college professor! If whites were going to kill blacks like you say, there would not be any black people left in America! If the black population in this country really wants to end racism, they need to stop making everything about black and white. They need to stop black on black violence. The need to tell BLM and Antifa to knock it off. They need to come to the table with a list of suggestions and requests, not a list of demands. If you want equal treatment then act like it because that is not what we are seeing today!

  7. I disagree with the claim that it is illegal to form an armed vigilante group to protect private property. I have never heard of such a law. I think this is false.

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