Citizens Forced Into Their Own DIY Style of Justice

Return with me now “to the thrilling days of yesteryear,” when justice meant armed bandits and local vigilante groups fighting it out with guns in the street. If the police are not allowed to enforce the laws then the citizens have no choice but to take the law into their own hands. Oh, that’s illegal? So what, anarchy is anarchy. Either send in a Marshall like Wyatt Earp to restore law and order, or the townsfolk will start loading their assault pitchforks.

Do it yourself justice in America once again

Violent riots and wanton destruction in liberal run cities across the nation have underscored the “do it yourself” justice philosophy of independent Americans. Liberals scream, “you can’t do that! It’s against the law!” That’s right sunshine. If forming a private police force is more illegal than burning a car lot, then so be it. We either have laws or we don’t. If the police won’t enforce the law preventing arson, they can’t enforce the one against vigilante militias either.

Kevin Mathewson was concerned about the increasing number of “massive demonstrations against police brutality” that spread across America, each an episode of disturbing violence. He decided to do something about it and founded the Kenosha Guard as a “militia” group, as described in the Constitution. The only way to maintain order is with justice. Criminals must be held accountable for their crimes. The laws against burglary and arson aren’t suspended for a “civil rights protest demonstration.” What is happening in Democrat run cities isn’t protesting, its organized mobs of looters and arsonists causing millions of dollars in destruction along with an increasing number of lost lives. This is a war and the officials in charge of stopping it have switched sides and joined the battle.

Mathewson, a former alderman, was disappointed that his group wasn’t attracting many followers. He had hoped that forming the group would “start a spark that let people know there are others out here that want to defend ourselves, our lives, our neighborhoods.” Then suddenly, Kenosha was in the headlines and people couldn’t sign up fast enough. All it took was “two nights of protest and unrest, “with chants of, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and buildings burned to the ground.” Overnight, citizens in Kenosha, Wisconsin, realized if they want justice they had better do it themselves.

The plot to start Helter Skelter

As part of their plot to start Helter Skelter, progressive forces under the command of Darth Soros need help from the extreme far-right. The Deep State tried real hard to push the Boogaloo Boys into the fray and it almost worked. A handful of the less stable members pulled off a couple “unsanctioned” operations which caused a ruckus, and were quickly condemned by right wing patriot and militia groups. The job of the militia is defense, never offense. Militias provide justice, they don’t dispense retribution.

In Kenosha, the outnumbered police were forced to stand on the sidelines and let the mob of anarchists do as they please. They could have had help, but their mayor and governor refused to send any. While nobody is encouraging children to put themselves in harms way, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse armed himself with an assault rifle and prepared to defend a car dealership. That’s technically illegal but so is burning down car lots. The police tossed him a water bottle as they were forced to drive by and stay out of it by their supervisors. Sometimes, justice means allowing those who can do it, actually get the job done.

During the course of the violent night’s riots, Rittenhouse was viciously attacked by anarchist rebels and forced to kill two and injure a third. His attorney is convinced that justice will prevail and the court will recognize that he acted in self-defense. As Howard Graves with the Southern Poverty Law Center explains, “It’s the logical end of a years’ long path that we’ve been on of normalizing the idea that vigilante justice is not just justifiable but is necessary.”

Liberals turn purple and start screaming when the subject of vigilante justice comes up. They point out that “Law enforcement officers go through months of training in the use of force, de-escalation of force, defensive tactics, and the use of a firearm to defend themselves and the citizens they are sworn to protect.” The problem with that is they aren’t protecting the ones they promised to. That’s a “breach of contract.” Anarchy is anarchy. They also complain that walking around with guns raises tensions. It’s meant to. If you don’t want to feel tense, don’t attack property that’s defended with assault rifles.

  1. As to Mr Rittenhouse:

    Amendment VI
    “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense..”

    Note the Last Sentence DOES NOT allow the ‘government’ to place the Citizen at a DISADVANTAGE TO GOVERNMENT LAWYERS.

    “All cases” would just naturally include SHOOTING IN SELF DEFENSE resulting in death of the aggressors.


    You are guaranteed a FULLY INFORMED JURY of your PEERS/neighbors. fija.org

    A taxpayer funded attorney of EQUAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE as those the government is going to use against you.

    Should be an interesting day in court…..

  2. It will only get worse as the democrat leaders keep encouraging the looting and attacks on citizens. Tehy are the biggest flops ever and it will show come election time.

  3. 20 million Veterans, armed and trained in “unconventional” warfare, using Bolt Action rifles with open sights, as long range snipers (700 yards or more, using iron sights), can certainly disperse any illegal gatherings of rioting mobs.

    Just visit some of our towns, you brainless thugs of BLM / Antifa!

  4. Please learn the meanings of words so you won’t confuse “assult rife” with “assult weapon”. “Assult rifle” is a medium power military rifle with fully automatic capability – example: M-16 with 30 round per trigger pull capability. “Assult weapon” is deceptive term meaning whatever a state legislature defines it as. It usually a semi-automatic rifle fireing 1 shot per trigger pull or which looks like a assult rifle to an anti-constitution legislator.

  5. Like all government employees in positions of maintaining law and order, all police (law enforcement) personnel, local, county, state or national, swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land, and to protect and serve their fellow citizens. If those in charge: members of city councils, town boards, Mayors, governors, etc, issues orders to law enforcement personnel, under their command, to “Stand down”, in other words to violate both their oath of office and the Constitution, and the members of law enforcement, for whatever reason, lack the courage to stand up and do what is right, then WE the PEOPLE have the constitutional and God given RIGHT to take matters into our own hands to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our property and our neighborhood, by whatever and any means necessary, even if it means by vigilante justice. No body should be forced to stand by and watch their towns, cities, states, the private property be destroyed by any individual, mob, rioter for any reason, or to have their lives, the lives of their families or neighbors be threatened or taken away. And if it takes vigilantism or the forming of an armed “People’s Militia” to stop it, then so-be-it.

  6. It’s sad the police stand to the side . They did take a oath to protect and serve and given a gun to make that work . They should be their own force that doesn’t answer to the mayor or governor of the state’s they serve in . You can see the corruption of the delusional democrats in control . How is that not against our laws . And why doesn’t any one do anything to stop them . If the people have to then so be it . Don’t cry foul if they do . That’s in our laws that we can if needed . And it’s needed cause of the delusional democrats . Time to fix that BS , One way or the other

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