Armed Militants Storm Prison, Release Over 1000 Captives

In a daring predawn raid, an armed group of Islamic rebel militants stormed a prison in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, using a two-pronged coordinated attack. They freed over 1,300 of their previously captured forces.

Conservative Americans can learn a lot from their tactics. Patriots may need to spring some of their militia members in an escape from FEMA 13 type raid someday, especially if the Democrats manage to seize power.

Rebel militants cause havoc

While the “Allied Democratic Forces” are loosely aligned with the Islamic State in theory, the truth is that these militants just give lip service to ISIS as an excuse to terrorize the local people into subjection under their “Lord of War” kingdom.

They act more like Antifa followers in the Black Lives Matter movement than religious fanatics, but they still managed to cause a lot of havoc in just one highly effective raid.

About 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, members of the Allied Democratic Forces reportedly stormed a prison in Beni. The armed men carried out a well-coordinated two-prong attack, as related by Beni’s Mayor Modeste Bakwanamaha.

He explains that the prison was mostly occupied by militants aligned with the rebels. One unit of commandos assaulted the Kangbayi central prison while another simultaneously attacked the “military camp defending it.”

Witnesses report “the attackers, who came in large numbers, managed to break the door with electrical equipment.” Reuters confirms that “the bolt on the prison’s front door appeared to be cut, as well as the metal grate behind it.” Two inmates were shot dead by militants. “We were sleeping in the morning, but around 4:00 we heard a really loud exchange of fire,” Lukiya Bafana Ruban, told reporters. He was one of the few inmates who decided not to run while he had the chance. “May the state have mercy on us because we voluntarily stayed here in prison.”

Preparing for days

Local prison officials weren’t happy to learn that they could have thwarted the militants by paying better attention to their duties. Mayor Bakwanamaha heard lots of rumors that “ADF fighters in the prison were preparing a break-out in the days preceding the attack.” He just didn’t bother to share them with anyone.

If Americans ever do find themselves penned on the wrong side of the chain link fence, they would like to think there might be FEMA officials ready to turn a similarly blind eye.

ISIS is claiming responsibility but they always do that. Dan Fahey, a former U.N. investigator notes that they “consistently found that claims ADF is linked to international jihadists are overblown or false.

This sounds more like an attack by Mai Mai,” who are the local rebel militants. While going around telling everyone they’re with the ADF, they don’t spend much time waging jihad, instead robbing the locals from their isolated strongholds in the hills. Residents in the area now fear the escaped prisoners.

Besides 110 prisoners who refused to leave, several more escaped militants trickled back into camp as the day progressed. Some “of the returning prisoners claimed they were taken by force during the raid.” The mayor notes, “those that came back say they had to escape from their abductors, the Allied Democratic Forces, and those that came back are mostly our troops who chose to come back and not live as enemies in the bush.”

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