Disney Just Fired One of The Only Conservatives on Their Roster

Who’s next? If you’re a conservative, it could be you. Trump gave conservatives the voice they haven’t had in a long time so some have started saying how they believe. But those ideas are too powerful for those that can’t handle not having power. Hollywood is high on that list. So now Gina Carano on the Mandalorian can’t return because of what she said on social media.

Conservatives need to brace themselves

Some are fearful of losing what they have. Others don’t care. That’s a very personal decision nobody can make for them.

Gina is a former MMA fighter. She compared how Jewish people were treated during the Holocaust to how Republicans are being treated today. Disney let her go. If Disney felt the need to try to destroy her along with so many other conservatives, it just proves that we’re right. Conservatives are hitting too close to the truth and must be silenced.

Liberals can’t deal with conservative ideas

So they must be muzzled. Lucasfilm confirmed Carano wouldn’t return to the Star Wars spin off in a statement to ABC, “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

The Blaze noted that Carano was fired for an “abhorrent and unacceptable” tweet that compared how Jews were treated in the Nazi Germany era to how conservatives are currently canceled. Liberals are trying to make an example out of anybody that thinks differently. If you make too much noise, you won’t be able to provide for your family.

There are two sides to every coin

Many conservatives have faced this too. You’re at a job where you’re a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. Some people have had to work like that for years. You might say something just wrong or accidentally go over the manager’s head because you knew the answer and the manager didn’t and the next day you’ve been let go.

The other side of that coin is there are other organizations that believe the way you do and regularly talk about it. If that other organization hears about your problem, you may be offered a job. Steve Crowder of Louder with Crowder offered her work if she needed it.

Conservatives, we know our ideas win. Don’t stop believing. If Trump punched his way through, we can continue the battle to keep America free.

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