Hillary Clinton Crawls Out From the Depths of The Swamp…Jaw Dropping Announcement

Hillary Clinton crawled out of the swamp on Tuesday to make a jaw dropping announcement. Americans are already exceptionally nervous about the integrity of this year’s election. The mainstream media has everyone braced for an outcome that might not be determined for months.

Adding to the anxiety, fair and impartial Hillary announced that she managed to get credentials to be one of New York State’s Electoral College electors. If Trump wins will she hold up her part of the agreement and cast her vote for for him?

Hillary Clinton goes to college

Hillary Clinton is going back to college, this time, the electoral college. That’s a scary thought to conservative Americans. On Tuesday, she proudly announced that she’s an elector for New York. Along with 28 other electors, they meet in December to make the November popular election official, by casting their votes based on the state results, district by district.

“I’m an elector in New York,” Clinton said on a liberal radio show. “I’m sure I’ll get to vote for Joe and Kamala in New York. So, that’s pretty exciting.” Hillary still won’t let go of her defeat in 2016. She won the popular vote but couldn’t make it through the electoral college. This time, to help make sure things go they way she wants them to, she burrowed inside like a mole.

The way the Electoral College works, 538 electors are chosen by the various states, along with the District of Columbia. They’re the ones who actually elect the president. Each state has a different number of electors, based on the size of their population.

Only two states proportion out the electors, Maine and Nebraska. In the rest, whichever candidate wins the state gets all of the electors. The question is will Hillary Clinton vote for the one she’s supposed to?

Dominate the election

The whole idea of the Electoral College is to ensure that densely populated states like California and New York can’t dominate the election. Liberals like Hillary Clinton have sewn up both of those states tight. Liberals want to do away with the process entirely.

They turn to the Gallup poll to show that “61% of Americans support abolishing the Electoral College and instead using the popular vote to elect the president.” At least that many of the hand selected ones they asked do.

Hillary Clinton is still steaming over the fact that her election results made history. Her lead in the popular vote was larger than any other candidate to lose in the Electoral College. It’s no wonder she wants to abolish the system.

There’s a really good chance that deep blue New York state will chose Kamala Harris for president, along with that guy who’s holding the door to the oval office open for her, but all the civil unrest, looting, arson and general radical mayhem in the streets could lead to the unthinkable, a victory for Trump in the heart of lib-land.

She won’t commit to casting a vote for him if he wins. “I cannot imagine that he would be reelected after the damage that he’s caused and I can’t imagine four more years of this abuse and destruction,” Clinton said. “So no, I don’t think about it. I refuse to.” The Supreme Court recently ruled she can get in big trouble for not voting the way she’s supposed to.

  1. Boy, the election system is more crooked than we realized. She has investigations against her for collecting money for her election run from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and China and Russia and her foundation to raise money for helping Haiti during their problems disappeared into her private account. This crook, this fraud is an elector, no wonder NY is in the state it is. How much money is she working to collect from being involved in the decisions coming from the electors. What jipp. She should be in jail.

  2. Why does a HUMAN have to cast the vote? It seems to me that the whole idea is that the person designated to cast the vote only does so (theoretically) for the will of the people. It seems to me that the state results could be simply published, and THAT would be the vote.

  3. all the damage Trump has done? are you kidding, killary? it is you demoncraps that are destroying our GREAT NATION by ALLOWING rioting, looting, arson, and YES EVEN MURDER

    1. People say over and over again about how Trump is destroying this country. But they can never give one honest reason how!

  4. Just once I’d like to hear these clowns like Killary give us details about the alleged harm President Trump has done to the USA. Clearly by any measure he has performed admirably. He has re-engineered all of the phony international treaties for peace and trade with China, Canada/Mexico, Iran. He has brokered peace with many of the muslim countries and Israel when no one else could do it. Removed the Barry Sotero/Biden legacy of failed policy here in the USA and elsewhere in the world. On and on.

  5. Then you know already that the ny elections will be rigged one way or the other with her on board . Anyone from past elections should not be aloud any where near any election board . First they use voters fraud, and now with the likes of do nothing hillary in the picture. It’s a sad day for the real people in this country . Or should I say us deplorables as that racists c#nt calls us . But then I am a proud deplorable and will be again in another day . Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

  6. You all know that when you vote for President, you are not voting for the candidate directly, but for a slate of electors who are pledged to that candidate. In the unlikely event that Trump was to win New York, Hillary would not be an elector. Those who vote in the electoral college would be the Republican electors for Donald Trump. So this story makes no sense, except to bash Hillary (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  7. They let the wolf into the hen-house? She’s a friggin demon possessed liar. Blahzzio’s NY must be owned by the Chicoms like Commiefornia is now. The most partial person you could ever pick to be an electorate is Slithery. Sick of these criminals BARR!

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