CNN Reporter Says ‘It’s Not Looking Good’ for Joe Biden (Details)

Reporter Vanessa Yurkeyvich took a walk around a fracking-dependent town in Pennsylvania to talk to voters about the presidential election for CNN. From what she was hearing, “it’s not looking good” for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden isn’t popular in Pennsylvania

CNN’s Vanessa Yurkeyvich took a walk around the streets of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, to get some candid opinions from people in the street. CNN published them anyway. Emanuel Paris, a senior project manager at a contracting company, is firmly behind Trump because he has a “clear perspective on keeping fracking going with minimal regulations.” Joe Biden, he says, has “gone back and forth on what he wants to do.”

Sharlo Tkalcevic, who runs a local bar and grill, lectured Yurkeyvich on the facts of local life. He reminded her, “that first they had to face the pandemic, and now the threat of losing their industry, thus, their livelihood,” Townhall writes. “”It’s almost like a domino effect and it could just be disastrous in my eyes.” The reporter was stunned to have to admit that “the majority of people she spoke to had the same perspectives on what will happen to their lives and the lives of their families based on how they vote, so they are voting for President Donald Trump.” Joe Biden can stuff it, they say.

When he faced off with President Donald Trump during the final debate, Joe Biden made a huge mistake, admitting that he wants to destroy the “fossil fuels” industry. President Trump took his remarks and shoved them right up Biden’s nether regions. The liberal progressives and their Green New Deal are a threat to the entire country.

An issue of existential importance

President Trump had a full two minutes before his mic was timed to be muted so he used them wisely. He went straight for the jugular, calling creepy Joe out on “an issue of existential importance to Pennsylvania.” Looking at his opponent he solidly declared, “He blew it.” Biden had just “confirmed his plan to abolish the entire U.S. oil industry. That means no fracking, no jobs, no energy for Pennsylvania families, Texas, all the others.”

President Trump believes, and most of Pennsylvania backs him up, that “the Biden energy shutdown would inflict deep pain and misery on Pennsylvania.” There would certainly be “mass layoffs, constant black outs and brown outs, soaring gas prices.” Right along with “surging energy bills, no air conditioning during the summer, no heat during the winter and no electricity during peak hours.” President Trump was quick to note that with America exporting oil and natural gas for a change instead of buying it, the OPEC nations are struggling. They raped us for decades at the gas pump and now if Joe lets Kamala Harris take charge the only ones who will benefit are Iran and Russia. Western Pennsylvania will get the shaft without any oil.

President Donald Trump’s energy policies singlehandedly turned around a dead Obama-Biden economy and Joe wants to come back and run it over again. Voters in places like Pittsburgh remember real well that Hillary Clinton “promised to put coal miners out of work.”

  1. The silent tsunami will be coming Tuesday or until we’ll know that the democrats quit finding votes, but not waiting for the democrats concession which will never come, hell, they still haven’t accepted the 2000 rejection, the 2004 loss and 2016? That’s a big never. When absolute power is your goal everything else feeds their victimhood.

  2. Vanessa Yurkeyvich, your career at CNN looked like it may have been promising. Good solid reporting. But you have made a fatal mistake, you reported the truth, you didn’t find the one or two people in that area that hate Trump as much as your co-workers and managers/execs and put only the haters on the air. Good luck in your next endeavor.

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