Ghislaine Maxwell Drops Bombshell On Epstein Estate

From the ongoing Virgin Islands Probate Court bickering between the Attorney General and Jeffery Epstein’s estate, it’s easy to see that Ghislaine Maxwell dropped an explosive bombshell. Lawyers controlling the money are obviously nervous. She appears to be holding something powerful over their heads, motivating them to cover her behind. The lawyers have no choice except to leave their fate, and hers, in the hands of the judge. They seem to be hoping the Deep State will get to the judge too, and save all their assets at the last minute.

Release worded to protect Ghislaine

Ghislaine Maxwell is the one person with the most to gain from some sneaky legal language. In order to settle their claims against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein, his victims will need to sign a release form. The Attorney General representing our interests in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Denise George, stresses that the way the form is written makes it a total travesty of justice. Before they can see a single penny, the victims must agree not to go after any of the other involved criminal pedophiles. She’s fighting that tooth and nail.

Aristocratic estate lawyers, with potential conflicts of interest and separate indictments, admit that the whole purpose of the document is so the estate can avoid “being pulled into litigation by individuals who claim that the estate is legally responsible for their actions.” Specifically, they point the finger at Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s clear that they regard her as a powerful force to be reckoned with, perhaps feared. They made one last argument, then left the decision up to the judge.

“The attorney general has no right to inject herself into the program, dictating its policies, procedures and administration,” Richard Kahn and Darren Indyke wrote. “To allow her to do so would rob the program of its independence, one of its most critical attributes.”

Epstein’s “one-time muse and longtime business associate” went underground immediately after Epstein’s death. Her lawyers filed a claim against the estate recently, “alleging that Epstein promised to pay her legal expenses.” She also asked the estate to “pay for her personal security.” As far as the world can tell from the sketchy news reports, they’re probably obligated to write the checks.

Epstein and Maxwell, ‘two pedophiles in a pod’

The Deep State does not want Ghislaine Maxwell on a witness stand. She’s alleged to enjoy molesting young girls every bit as much as Epstein. They’re often called “two pedophiles in a pod.” There are also reports that she’s hooked in tight to the globalist elite as an operative for the Deep State. From what is already known about Epstein and his operation, they were in a prime position to blackmail major world leaders and captains of industry. She may have been the one in charge, with Epstein nothing but a front man and patsy.

Maxwell was “intimately” close with her father, who was also allegedly a powerful Mossad agent. Maybe even a double or triple agent. His pampered daughter Ghislaine holds valid licenses both to fly helicopters and pilot submarines. Gathering all the clues together makes it look like she knows all the ins and outs of the classic “badger game.”

By waving their harem of underage sex-slaves under the noses of vulnerable men like Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and maybe even Hillary Clinton, they would have collected a treasure trove of blackmail material. Somebody must be holding onto something pretty powerful. When Epstein was arrested in Florida, he was offered the plea deal of the millennium. Not only did he get off with a light slap on the wrist, the prosecution gave total immunity to all of his co-conspirators. Was that to protect Maxwell?

In the Virgin Islands, It’s not clear how long we’ll have to wait before the judge decides, but “both sides have now filed documents declaring they are unable to break the impasse and want a judge to do so.” For a while, Judge Carolyn Hermon-Percell won’t be sleeping in the same place twice and eating nothing that doesn’t come from a can she opened herself.

  1. Just a word to those who are guarding the ? reputations ? of all the pillars of the community who posed for photos or videotaped meetings (unbeknownst to them). I believe the American voters and patriots have had their FILL of double standard justice. Better to mete out justice where required than to have to standby while the revolution explodes. But for 75 years, I would be actively seeking ” their heads on the proverbial platter” or at the least supporting the call for the court system to function.

  2. Now physically no person was actually physically raped in any way, those girls knew exactly what they were getting into to profit for them selves, so why are we not calling the girls under age prostitutes because they got a lot of money for what they did. Now I have read everything available and not one said they were threatened or physically forced into anything they did, they did it willingly and for money, so it seems like only the legal is involved, and other things
    should be considered and the politics should be taken out of this. Now a lot of persons lives could be ruined because of willful actions of young girls wanting to enrich them selves through their actions. It happens every day in every country in the world, it is just now that this case has political effect and is being pushed for that very reason not to help or assist anyone. Now why exactly is the young underage picked up on the streets selling their services not treated the same way or attention brought to it in the same way, no they are put in youth detention in most cases, now the Epstein girls are going to get millions for doing the same thing, now in both cases the girls were recruited by someone at some time, some as young at 10 years old.

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