CBS Admits to Pushing Fake News at the Height of Pandemic


In order to survive, all media needs people looking at it. Today that means clicks and shares in our mobile world. All kinds of tactics are used. In this case, it’s a fake apology. The information is already on the web, regardless if it’s true or not. The politics is transparent. The DNC and media haven’t been able to unseat Trump or deter his supporters. Maybe if news causes a collapse, Trump’s supporters will vote against him.

Fake news only cares about ratings and keeping Trump from being re elected.

It’s refreshing to hear the most powerful person in the land, President Trump, coining the term fake news to call the media what it is now. So much so that when certain networks air an article, the assumption of the lack of audience is understood. The American people are vigilant, citizen journalists discovered the fraud and brought it to light.

Footage showed an Italian emergency room filled with patients and doctors as happening in New York. Yes, the virus has affected many globally. Just don’t use footage obtained from another source in your article and express fake outrage when you’re discovered.

The truth has never been subjective unless somebody needs to have it that way.

Multiple layers of fact-checking. Unbiased and reporting the truth. If the words that come from your mouth or your pen are fake or false even once, why should you be believed regularly? Why are the “accidents” always in the same direction?

The DNC and media mouthpiece is furious it hasn’t been able to damage President Trump and by extension the people who voted for him. So maybe if the media can convince the world our economy is collapsing because of Trump, maybe he won’t be re elected.

The media’s mistakes rarely fall in favor of Trump. When it does accidentally, liberals and progressives publicly howl about a headline until it is changed. Alternate news sources have sprung up due to people seeing through the deception. When Trump started speaking, people were emboldened to speak up more. With his stronger personality in office, people that believed differently were less afraid of being targeted. Liberals and progressives hate us, knowing we speak the truth so there’s been a successful effort to silence it – until now. Americans are smart, resilient and unafraid to act boldly when a need is identified.

So many lies drowning out truth.  Regardless the harm done to people, the media needs ratings. Period. This is all by design. Say a lie once, repeat often enough and it becomes truth. Those who actually speak the truth are drowned out.

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  1. Just think, CBS faked the news. I’ll bet that was the only time. Oh except that Dan Rather thing and maybe the producers that believe everything Trump is bad no matter how good it is.

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