Virtue Signaling Democrat Senator Boasts About Her Wealth

While constituents might be happy to own a vehicle that gets them from point A to point B, a longtime Senator has higher aspirations. Michigan Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow has been in office for too long, almost 50 years. She’s forgotten people still need gasoline to make her state run. She smiled as she encouraged EV purchase and usage and put down oil company profits that aren’t based on “whims”.

The Senator bragged

She doesn’t have to pay the high price at the pump and accused the oil companies of making record profits. Political leaders might not look at balance sheets to determine profit or loss.

She recently boasted, “I do have to say, on the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, I got it and drove it from Michigan to here last weekend, and went by every single gas station. It didn’t matter how high (gas prices) was. And so I’m looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren’t going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies and the international markets.”

The Senator hasn’t looked

At the price of an electric vehicle in comparison to a luxury vehicle. According to the Kelley Blue Book, “The average transaction price for an electric vehicle (EV) is $56,437. Roughly $10,000 higher than the overall industry average of $46,329 that includes gas and EVs. In terms of pricing, an EV is equivalent to an entry-level luxury car.”

The cost of fuel isn’t going down. CNN reported this week that it’s gone “up 25 cents a gallon in just the last week.”

The Senator put down people

That haven’t switched to electric yet. Senator, you and other Democrats are going to need to offer a lot more in incentives to make that happen when people’s paychecks are stretched thin as it is.

Bloomberg rated current inflation at higher than when the Carter administration left. “U.S. inflation is running even closer today to its 1980 peak, fresh analysis of historical price data shows. … the figures showed that core inflation ran at an estimated 9.1% in June 1980 — versus the reported peak of 13.6%. The panel of economists argued that the fresh look at data from the 1950s and 1980s ‘serve as a caution against overly optimistic forecasts of an inexpensive disinflation in the current cycle  — the disinflation that needs to be achieved now is large by historical standards.”

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