Poll: The Smarter You Are, The Least Likely You Will Get Vaccinated

Not everybody listens to the smiling face on their television and takes their word for it. Those who might be smarter and used to researching and understanding the different reasons behind things, might have started doing just that. You might have listened to a different point of view and wondered. There’s another side to that coin. It’s not being presented to the general public. Why? What is being hidden?

Those who are smarter

Are more likely to see the aggressiveness involved in a vaccine that shouldn’t need it. There are those who dissent. Why? What are their reasons? If those with higher college degrees are able to ask and actually listen to those with a different opinion, a different conclusion might be reached.

We have vaccinations for diseases that were all but eradicated. Diseases that killed or disabled far more people than COVID has. AIDS is still killing people. Anybody remember AIDS? There’s still no vaccine for that.

Be smarter

Look under rocks. Why is the government behaving this way? There are people that blindly trust the government. People that don’t look back into history and don’t check dissenting views.

Doctors that talked about different ways to treat or even cure patients were destroyed online. Why? To this day some maintain that there were therapeutics that at least treated, maybe even cured COVID. Suddenly doctors that took an oath to never hurt their patients couldn’t get the medicines that would at least treat. Why?

The smarter ones

Will keep digging. They’ve learned to do that to find answers when the answers have been buried or silenced.

The smarter ones might also find the need to stay silent. There are times when speaking against the grain, against what the government says, can cause stress in a variety of ways. You may lose your job. Your home. Your family may be targeted. You can be sued to shut up. There’s something going on here and the smarter ones are going to understand the need to pick their fights. There are some fights you won’t be able to win.

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