Fraudulent Voter Registrations Coming Into Yuma

Democrats smell defeat again so it’s time to clog up the system with fraudulent voter registrations. Yuma is getting hit again. Political advocacy groups that normally help voters to get registered are involved so tracking down who submitted them isn’t easy. Auditing that’s being done before the ballots go out is slowed down as well. Arizona is one of several states the fraud is happening in.

Voter registration is fraud starting small

There are 16 cases of voter fraud being investigated in the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office. There are a variety of methods being used such as impersonation fraud, duplicate voting, fraudulent use of absentee ballots and false registrations.

Yuma County Recorder Robyn Stallworth Pouquette spoke to the Epoch Times, “Our primary is Aug. 2. We have received registration forms that are fraudulently completed. It’s been a prevalent problem in Yuma County, and it’s very unfortunate.”

Voter registration investigation

Pouquette couldn’t talk about names while the investigation was underway but a lot were being done through non profit organizations and nationwide political advocacy groups. They’re hard to track down.

Pouquette mentioned, “It is very difficult to identify who is submitting these fraudulent forms. But I am aware of activities of third-party groups, and I shared that information with the sheriff’s office.”

Third party voter registration

These groups purportedly help people get registered but that effort can be abused and redirected. Pouquette continued,

“I believe it’s a vulnerability of the system, in the sense that fraudulent voter registrations can disrupt the legitimate active registration of an eligible voter. It is a very disruptive process for the office when we should be focusing on audits and making sure that we’re auditing our records prior to the distribution of ballots.”

Since “2000 Mules” came out, Americans are more aware and watchful of the problem. Many people want more investigations since the possibility of fraud erodes confidence in a secure election. There are already instances of irregularity in 2022 primaries.

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