Shocking Videos Emerge, Horrific Scenes and 1000’s of Displaced Americans…White House is MIA

What a mess. Democrats, why? You have people in the military at your disposal to work with an orderly withdrawal to not leave Afghanistan people high and dry. Why did the White House just yank support? Did you ignore people who know more than you do about the situation? People fleeing may indeed be shot! Is it a distraction? What’s going on behind the scenes? Biden and Psaki are MIA.

The White House is gone

Obama’s physician thought it was time to invoke the 25th Amendment. This physician can talk all he wants, talk is cheap and is used as a diversion. Is Pelosi ready to do what she planned on?

Biden and Psaki are supposedly on vacation. Are they really on vacation or have they been whisked away to someplace safer? You can’t trust the White House anymore to tell you what’s really going on. This is why people wanted Trump so bad. Americans want transparency!

The White House isn’t talking

When somebody does talk, words are chosen carefully. One White House official barely hid his smile when he was asked about intelligence.   One Gold Star mother couldn’t think about sacrifices being in vain. She’s got a point. Does it make a difference anymore?

Donald Trump Jr. was tongue in cheek. “We should really stop hitting on Biden for being on vacation while the world burns. Just think how much worse he could make things if he was actively working on them!”

Americans and allies left behind

Biden and the White House hasn’t made any calls to foreign leaders. No appearances for six days. He didn’t take questions. He just said words and walk off.

Ladies, you don’t want to be under the rule of the Taliban. That’s Sharia Law. The Taliban has noticed that Facebook doesn’t allow free speech while at the same time claiming that it does. They can play this game too.

It’s only been seven months.

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