Mark Meadows Nails CNN’s Jake Tapper to The Wall…This is Exactly How to Handle the Liberal Media

Mark Meadows invaded Jake Tapper’s social-distancing serenity by getting up in the liberal’s face. Then, he verbally nailed the CNN talking head to the wall. It seems like Kayleigh McEnany has been giving him some lessons on how to handle the liberal media.

Mark Meadows rips Tapper for a full 20 minutes

CNN really misses the days of Barack Obama’s corrupt officials dropping by to hand deliver the daily soundbites. Everything their guests had to say was custom tailored to boost their ratings. When President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff dropped in on Jake Tapper on Sunday, He spent a full 20 minutes ripping Tapper up one side and down the other. Meadows had some things to say about mail in voting that liberals simply don’t want to hear. They watched their viewers tuning out by the millions.

Jake Tapper wasn’t thrilled at the education he got on Sunday. Mark Meadows schooled him on the finer points of voter fraud. Tapper already knows these things, it’s his job to stick up for the favorite liberal methods. He couldn’t prop up his failing arguments with a hydraulic jack.

Tapper wasn’t happy that Meadows pointed out how sending a blank ballot out to every registered voter is a recipe for trouble. “universal” mail-in voting is “just asking for a disaster.” The Kung Flu isn’t keeping the economy suppressed enough to please George Soros so now the latest strategy is to rig the election with mail-in ballots.

Doing it ‘for years’ doesn’t make it right

Just like Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile proclivities, Democrats have been running shady elections for years. If the Defense Tapper raised held any water then Ghislaine Maxwell would be tucked away at home with her cat right now. Meadows started the fight by declaring “The problem that we have here is that a lot of people are looking at just sending out ballots. California is sending out ballots.” Tapper whined back, “California already did that for about 75% of its population. Now it’s 100%. But Utah has done it for years. Oregon has done it for years. Washington has done it for years.”

There are four more states about to jump on the bandwagon, “sending out ballots to every registered voter.” Meadows was quick to point out the absurdity, by throwing it right back in Tapper’s face like one of Rick Grenell’s grenades. “Isn’t it a concern to you? Do you realize how inaccurate the voter rolls are with just people just moving around? Let alone the people that die off. But sending ballots out based on a voter roll registration?”

How stupid can you be? Meadows implied. Mickey Mouse and Che Guevara can have their votes counted this year. Still, Tapper sees no problem. “But there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud,” he counters. Trump’s office guard was ready for that one. “There’s no evidence that there’s not either. That’s the definition of fraud, Jake.”


  1. Now where is any proof that voter fraud is in any way rampant or has been rampant, when in 2016, there was 1800 accusations of voter fraud and only 12 actual cases of voter fraud was ever found, now in 2018 there was according to published information there was over 2400 accusations of voter fraud and only about 6 was found and among those 6 was a Republican in North Carolina who hired a company to harvest ballots, so they had to redo the election.
    Now why is it when there is no proof of voter fraud some still push this in a major way, with nothing but Trump and his supports pushing it to try to discredit the election, even trying for 3 years with no success to discredit the FBI, except for charging 6 persons with election money mismanagement and one person with lying to the FBI who actually worked for the FBI. Now at the same time the Senate intelligence report put out by both Republicans and Democrats with the majority being Republicans, which says that Trump did exactly what Mueller said Trump did in the 2016 election including lying to Mueller during the investigation.

    1. You are forgetting about Florida, Nevada and more recently, New Jersey. There are plenty more.
      Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that the demo’s will cheat and have so for many years…but now we a wise to them.

      1. I was so pissed that my governor and his minions did that in NV, I contacted him about it and I HAVEN’T HEARD A PEEP about it

    2. Your figures are right out of CNN play book…There were 500 ballots questioned in one county alone in Florida…The head of voting there resigned…

    3. I guess you didn’t know that the whole Russian collusion was a huge hoax. All the investigations and not one shred of EVIDENCE of collusion. But the dumbass Democrats have been beating that dead horse. Get informed and quit drinking the Koolade.

    4. oh jeez, are you really that delusional…there is already fraud being found and did you forget about Killary’s election? she rigged it and LOST..I feel sorry for you….OPEN YOUR EYES

  2. 620,000 Non Citizens voted in 2008 and 2010 in North Carolina alone. That figure doesn’t include Dead Voters or Duplicate Votes. The Voter Rolls in every State are seriously compromised. There is ample proof of Voter Fraud if you do the research and don’t rely on Snopes.

  3. I grin every time the Left takes an issue and finds some country in Europe to stand up as an example for how the U.S. should do things.

    But now, Europe is back in school and they’ve pretty much done away with mail-in voting because of fraud. Why are we now ignoring Europe on these issues?

  4. Because elections USED to be decided by majority, on the individual level,, single individuals were not so much a concern. This led, with the obvious help of politicians/lawmakers creating laws that are basically weak in treating cheating on the individual level, Almost everywhere, a person has to admit they KNEW… they were breaking election laws when filing a ballot fraudulently. All one needs to state is, ‘I didn’t know’… and no punishable crime has been committed.
    We now have some 3000 laws, regs decided by one vote every year at all levels of governance.. votes on the individual level do matter. But the laws being weak on voter fraud still exist.
    Also one has to be concerned about accountability and evidence acquisition on the ‘not individual basis’. Currently it can require millions of dollars and years of legal work to attain records of the two major parties and records of votes taken. By the time court cases get to any level of accomplishment… another election cycle is happening and the last election is moot anyway. These “Party Delays” are fundamental to the general realization of Party bosses and the courts/Judges… once the vote….. with or without fraud are counted, it is done, too late to to investigate fraud. Pointless, a waste of time and effort.
    Maybe this webpage will allow this statement, maybe when I submit it it will just be ‘under review’…. like voter fraud investigations always are.

  5. If you think mail in votes will be legit … then you need to be hit up side the head with a bag of dicks . It will be worse then in 2016 when 7 states had more votes then voters , all for hillary … and still she lost lol . I hope if old pervert joe wins , every republican does to old joe like they did to trump . But this time they will have a legit reason … old joe is going by by up stairs . The lights on , but no one is home . The Republican can start the impeachment after 3 months like the delusional democrats did to trump . But then only if the old pervert wins . God doesn’t like old pervert joe . Allah might tho , old joe can hope for 72 virgins in lala land . Or he can go to the sex island with old pervert Billie boy . 2 peas in a pod . I guess if pervert joe wins he will have to start smoking cigars like old Billie boy did . You know … the women … i did not have sex with … lol .that’s one of the requirements to be a delusional democrat president … you have to be a pervert . They sure had their fill of perverted presidents .

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