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New York Times Just Got BUSTED

The far-left leaning New York Times just got busted manipulating the news. What we’re dealing with is a conspiracy. The mainstream network media are flat out conspiring with the Deep State to act as information roadblocks by “serving as obstacles to holding the FBI and other powerful government agencies accountable” for their treasonous crimes.

Spinning like a top at the New York Times

As eloquently related by The Federalist, the propaganda mill at the New York Times is spinning along like a top, full speed ahead. The same reporter who snagged a Pulitzer “for his role perpetrating the Russia collusion hoax,” was tapped for the tricky job of properly “framing the news” so it doesn’t seem as bad as it really is for Democrats.

Last week, FBI shyster Kevin Clinesmith admitted intentionally altering an email to make it say the exact opposite of what it did say. In the star-chamber back-room proceedings of the top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, Clinesmith deliberately manufactured false and misleading evidence used as part of a treasonous coup plot to remove Donald Trump from his rightful seat in the Oval Office. Back when laws were actually enforced in this country, people used to hang for that. The New York Times is doing their best to cover it up.

Over at the New York Times, Adam Goldsmith has been around long enough to know just how to deal with unfavorable news. You start by getting out in front of it. The Deep State hand picked Goldsmith to break the story that “former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith was to plead guilty to fabricating evidence.” The forged email was the smoking gun proving Barack Obama weaponized his administration against a political opponent. Lying to get a warrant approved – to spy on Carter Page with a wiretap calculated to listen in to the Trump Campaign phone calls. What Obama’s minions did is exactly the same thing that Richard Nixon’s “plumbers” were trying to do when they botched the break-in at the Watergate Hotel to install a bug on the Democrats.

Other networks will follow like lemmings

The first thing that the New York Times reporter had to do was slant the story away from seeming like “an indictment of the FBI’s handling of the Russia collusion hoax.” Goldsmith knew that his colleagues in the other liberal networks would follow his lead like the good lemmings they are. Even if he was about to jump off a political cliff. Goldsmith was determined to avoid getting bogged down explaining how it was his own employer who beat the dead Russian horse until there was nothing left but a stain on their reputation.

A conservative in the intelligence community was floored when he saw the article that came out. Not only was the propaganda so blatant that it was “an insult to his intelligence,” it was so obvious as to be “beyond Pravda.” He was comparing the New York Times to the former Soviet Union’s official newspaper of the Communist Party.

Start by burying the story. While every other story that the New York Times published, having anything that even smelled like Russia collusion in it, was plastered across the front page, this one was hidden deep. They preferred to carry stories about racism up front. The hidden story also had a deliberately boring title. “Ex-F.B.I. Lawyer Expected to Plead Guilty in Durham Investigation.” They imply watching paint dry would be more exciting than reading that item of the news. In the body, for those that weren’t waved off by the warning signs, they advise, it’s really no big deal. “Prosecutors are not expected to reveal any evidence of a broad anti-Trump conspiracy among law enforcement officials.” That’s because it’s already out there.

Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson and others are beating the bushes for evidence ever since Richard Grenell gifted them with all the proof they needed. The big question on everyone’s mind is when are the heads going to start rolling? The New York Times wants to prevent that at any cost.

  1. They are the print leader of the MORON MEDIA aka THE RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of Democraps so they will do everything they can to LIE about Trump and Conservatives. This includes protecting the COWARDLY THUGS RIOTING all over America.

  2. When the Berlin Wall fell and the USSR broke up, the propagandists of “Izvestia” and “Pravda” apparently moved to and took over the NYT. Others from the hammer and cycle went to other institutions here, totally taking over the Democrat Party and even many churches.

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