Locals Are Sick and Tired of BLM, Standoff Turns Violent

One Chicago neighborhood got so sick and tired that their elected officials have abdicated their duties, allowing Black Lives Matter anarchy to replace Constitutional law and order, that the locals decided to provide law enforcement of their own. With violence, if necessary. Fair’s fair. If the anarchists want to play rough, homeowners can too.

The locals have had enough anarchy

A furious group of residents in a Chicago neighborhood resisted Black Lives Matter demonstrators in what’s being described as “a tense standoff” on Tuesday. The locals only warmed things up by “calling protesters ‘bozo the clown ass n****s” after wild looting.'”

One Black resident of the Englewood neighborhood near Chicago was well prepared to stand up to the mob of anarchists with a megaphone. Darryl Smith used his bullhorn to speak for the locals, yelling, “Y’all don’t come out when a kid gets shot. Y’all come out when it has to do something with the f**king police.” That’s when the “scuffle” started.

As shown by social-media videos, “Protesters and activists were then filmed scuffling, pushing and shoving each other as shouting intensified with some protesters trying to block news cameras from filming the fracas.” Reporters weren’t happy. In the background, “exasperated voices could be heard telling each other to ‘calm down,'” as locals in the community demanded protesters leave.”

The rioters were all imported and organized

One of the things that this incident underscores is the fact that the violent mob of Antifa type anarchists aren’t from around there. The “children of darkness” are conveniently imported from elsewhere on buses by the minions of Dark Lord Darth Soros. The locals can tell the difference. “If you ain’t from Englewood, get the F*** out of here,” Smith told Black Lives Matter “protesters” at full volume.

The locals, even though most of them are Black, aren’t buying the propaganda. Smith relates that he’s “lived in Englewood for 51 years.” The way he sees it, there have been “a lot of misconceptions” since the shooting of Latrell Allen.” The recent shooting rips the lid off the hypocrisy. “A lot of people saying that the looting downtown sparked from Englewood. We’re not having that,” Latrell Allen himself declared.

Looting in Chicago “erupted after Allen was shot in the shoulder by police in Englewood on Sunday. Cops allege Allen, 20, was armed at a park where kids were playing and shot at cops who pursued him.” After he was justifiably shot, protesters “seeking reparations” immediately started “to ransack local stores causing an estimated $60 million of property damage and injuring 13 police officers.” The locals didn’t care for that one bit.

Liberal Mayor Lori Lightfoot stamped her foot at the looters but that’s as far as it will go. Smith is a lot more vocal. And a lot more amplified. The locals all hear him sticking up for the truth. Protesters are nothing but “opportunists” looking to “bust out police windows.” They’re “tired of Englewood getting the black eye for anything and everything that happens. They’re coming to Englewood, antagonizing our police and then when they go back to the North Side and Indiana, our police are bitter and are beating up our little black boys, so we’re not going to have that.”

  1. really man? you had to say police are bitter and are beating up our little black boys? seriously? I’m glad you are protecting yourselves, but don’t bring the police into this…gimme a break

  2. Typical BLM and Antifa, let a child be murdered and they do nothing unless a police officer was involved or a white. A hundred black children could be murdered and not one BLM member would show up to protest unless it involved a white or police. It isn’t about black lives mattering and never has been. If I were the black communities I’d run them out of my neighborhood too then I’d ask to have a community sit down with the police to discuss how to solve our problems.

  3. These cities’ subjects keep voting in “massas” to rule over them. This won’t change until they change that.


  5. This crap isn’t about BLM anymore . It’s all about stealing anything they can by burning and looting . like it was said … their not from here , their bused in from else where then leave . It’s like that everywhere . It’s not their homes and businesses getting burn or looted . Blacks are still killing blacks , nothing changed . Same old shit , just a new day . Stop using this as a sick reason to steal , your not fooling anyone . All their doing is showing black lifes don’t matter . no one really care anymore . They ran it into the ground with their lies by killing black kid’s . All they said was some have to die for this cause . Yea some … but not their kids . Maybe some should go kill their kids . See how fast this crap stops . Now don’t go killing their kids I was just making a point . Even tho they teach their kids to hate and maybe one day kill in the name of some bull shit justice they come up with . Don’t kill kids ok they didn’t do anything to you … yet !!! But still …. don’t kill kids .

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