Government Decides Freedoms are a Thing of the Past [Details]

Previous policies aren’t going away. In fact, they’re being renewed. Government has been trying for years to eliminate Thanksgiving and Christmas, because government wants to be your god. The question is, how long are people going to stand for having their freedoms removed in the name of “safety?” There are both cures and treatments that don’t involve getting a shot. This isn’t about staying healthy.

Alberta government joins the crowd

Of those demonizing people that don’t want to be vaccinated. The Canadian province will not allow unvaccinated individuals to gather for at least Thanksgiving.  New Brunswick just canceled Thanksgiving outright.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that Alberta residents ages 75 and older as well as natives are now eligible for the booster shot. Eligibility for other age groups are pending further guidance.

Government State of Emergency

Alberta has been in a state of emergency since September 16, 2021. As of September 15 there were 1,609 new cases reported. There were a lot of recoveries. Out of 273,820 cases there were 252,904 recoveries. People are recovering and there are a variety of cures and treatments that don’t involve vaccines. Why aren’t they being used?

Since Thanksgiving last year resulted in COVID spikes, Kenney said, “We simply cannot afford a repeat scenario.” Outdoor gatherings are limited to 20 people now. The outdoors is where we have fresh air. That used to be considered healthy.  Dr. Jennifer Russell is New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.  She acknowledged medical facilities are stretched thin but doesn’t think a lockdown would get the job done.  “As I have said before, we cannot lock down everyone, everywhere, until this virus has been eradicated. We all need to go to work, to attend school, to see friends and family, but we have to do these things as safely as we can.”

Government mandated shut downs

There may be a mandated shut down in the future, at least in schools. Education Minister Adrianna LaGrange announced the Alberta Health Services will document each school that has at least two COVID cases.  New Brunswick schools will remain open but extracurricular activities for children under 12 will not be permitted.  All businesses will require proof of vaccination to enter.

People may need to leave the area permanently and put their kids in different schools if they want to continue to go about their normal daily business. A lot of Californians are doing that.  Or, stay where you are and not be afraid to be penalized however the state sees fit. People have been jailed, fined and even killed over their beliefs.

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