Fake Hate Crime Hoax Smells A Lot Like Jessie and Bubba

Have you had enough of painfully obvious hate crime hoax cases being thrown in your face as proof of your violent racism? Too bad, you get another one, and this one should make Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace proud. A “noose” found on a construction site in Windsor, Connecticut is being treated by the police and the NAACP as proof that a racist lynch mob is making covert threats and thousands of dollars are being offered for information leading to their arrest.

Yet another hate hoax

The noose allegedly appeared on the second floor of an empty construction site, hanging menacingly from a steel beam and apparently terrifying someone.

The deadly length of rope was enough to spark an urgent call to the police and an active investigation by local authorities and the NAACP, with a $5,000 reward currently on offer for any information. If only real crimes were treated so seriously.

The NAACP and Amazon, which owns the site, have both made statements denouncing the piece of rope and expressing their outrage at the fact that lynchings are still happening in America. (Are they?)

Cited is the Bubba Wallace incident, which sane people have long since concluded consisted of an overpaid NASCAR driver making a flailing attempt to further his career.

Even the governor weighed in on the matter, promising to employ the full might of the state to investigate the crime and punish the guilty party.

Knowing how these things typically go, the governor is almost guaranteed to find the culprit if he takes a look at the NAACP and the individuals who thought that this was something worth calling the police over.hoax

The “hate crime” industry

Hate crime hoaxes are a major industry in America, which is sorely lacking in actual hate crime victims but overflowing in self made hate crime victims.

There is an endless list of motivations that could drive someone to stage a hate crime in 2021; what better way to find fame and fortune in the current year.

The media is, after all, invariably willing to believe and spread the stories of these hoaxers with no questions asked. Like any number of leftist organizations and federal law enforcement agencies, a steady supply of alleged hate crimes is desperately needed to keep the agenda up and running.

Like the rest, this noose will be revealed to be either a poorly done hoax or something completely harmless and banal. The possibility of this being an actual hate crime is effectively zero.

And yet it is still being reported and investigated as not only a hate crime but an active threat of lynching and violence which must be targeted by a massive pool of resources.

If hate crimes from white conservatives did not exist in America (they practically don’t) then liberals would have to invent them. (And they do.)

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