The Royal Drama Continues, Harry and Charles Quarrel

Princes Harry and Charles allegedly continue to feud, with the latter reportedly refusing to speak to his son, even after the funeral of Prince Philip, which Harry traveled from America to attend. While sources say that Harry attempted to repair his relationships to some in the Royal Family, both he and Charles are said to be very steadfast in their refusal to admit to any mistakes or make any appeals to each other in their ongoing estrangement.

Charles not having it

The Prince of Wales apparently continues to be angered by the actions of Harry and Meghan Merkle in recent months and their pursuit of drama and headlines.

The attitude which they have shown in courting celebrity culture and interviewing with Oprah has struck many as being a somewhat cynical pursuit of tabloid headlines for money and attention.

Charles evidently feels much the same; the heir to the throne seems to want nothing to do with his son and daughter-in-law and their adventures in the media.

Like many members of the Royal Family, Charles is said to have been very irritated by the infamous Oprah interview, in which Harry exploited their personal relationship in front of the world.

Amid drama which appears to this writer to be almost exclusively driven by Meghan and her interest in furthering her own career, the news that Charles is annoyed by it all is hardly a surprise.

Charles has certainly had his fill of celebrity style drama and is undoubtedly longing for the whole thing to be over and done with so that he can repair his actual relationship with his son without having to worry about money making schemes and tabloid headlines.

Royal feud going nowhere

Charles himself has, in the decades since his disastrous marriage to Princess Diana, worked hard to establish himself as a man interested in more practical matters.

Having written a number of books on the subject, he is known to be a very enthusiastic gardener and sells produce from his home. Charles has always adored plants in general, claiming that he frequently talks to them and expressing his great interest in traditional agricultural methods.

Arguably even more important to the Prince of Wales is his interest in architecture. Charles has frequently spoken about his concern for preserving traditional English styles of building and he has worked to shut down eyesores conceived by post-modern architects.

Charles is, in general, a more openly opinionated individual than his mother Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has been during her long reign.

With the large, healthy, and growing family of Prince William, Harry is very unlikely to ever inherit the throne which will descend to his father, meaning that Charles can afford to ignore the Markle drama and publicly focus his attentions elsewhere.

The unnecessary drama within the royal family will undoubtedly continue to grab headlines worldwide but, for Charles, this is one feud which he can certainly afford to wait out.

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