Harry Snubs Royal Family AGAIN, While Queen Mourns Philip’s Death

Prince Harry may be returning to his home country for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip but he has no plans to stick around. The estranged Prince will only spend a single week in England, including a five day quarantine period. The brief stay will be a distraction which is unlikely to please the Queen, who will have the ongoing drama and media frenzy of Harry and his wife casting an unwelcome shadow over the funeral of her husband.

More drama from Harry and Meghan

Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle have faced the difficult challenge throughout their marriage of how to simultaneously portray themselves as normal people fleeing from their royalty while also milking their status for all it’s worth.

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II appears to be somewhat exasperated by the actions of her wayward grandson. With help from Oprah and the tabloids, Harry and Meghan have repeatedly stirred up controversy around the royal family.

Speculation about whether or not Harry would attend the funeral of his grandfather began as soon as the death of Prince Philip was announced on April 9.

Meghan Markle will not be attending the funeral with her husband, remaining instead in their opulent American home.

Allegedly the stay is a result of her current pregnancy. Behind the scenes, however, one wonders how welcome the former actress would be at the funeral of the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Regardless, the international celebrity gossip machine which has become fixated on the couple will continue to make them a center of attention.

A very short stay

Recent accusations of racism in the royal family from Meghan Markle have very likely been directed, at least in part, at Prince Philip, a famously blunt and politically incorrect man.

Prince Philip, who served with distinction in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, was notorious for expressing himself with very little concern for tact or cultural sensitivity.

In the words of the Prince himself , “Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it, a science which I have practiced for a good many years.”

While the frequently uncensored and entertaining remarks of Prince Philip made him a national treasure to many, Harry and Meghan could find an abundance of opportunities for taking offence.

The Queen herself is known, on the other hand, for always being immensely tactful and careful with her words. There has thus been little to indicate how she personally feels about the entire affair.

Such a brief stay in his home country from Harry is sure to be seen by many observers as an almost insultingly short visit, regardless of his intention.

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