MSM Caught in Another MASSIVE LIE About Crime in Democrat Operated Area’s

How would you like to take a casual stroll from one end of Baltimore to the other? According to the media, you can now do so with less fear of crime than ever before. While the rest of the world might prefer to take their chances with a game of Russian Roulette, Baltimore Democrats are eager to assure America that their city is thriving under their policy of going easy on crime.

Can’t have a crime problem if there aren’t any laws

Any modicum of common sense should be enough to instantly dismiss the idea of crime being down in Baltimore. Like any other American city in 2021 Baltimore is rightly regarded as a dangerous and dirty place.

There was a time when Baltimore was a safe and attractive city to visit or live in. There was also a time when Detroit was the industrious pride of America. Those days are long gone for these rotting cities.

The decline of Baltimore, and the American city in general, has been long and torturous and driven by decades of poor decisions and liberal policies.

What anyone with a brain can see now is that this decline has not, in fact, been suddenly halted or reversed by local Democrats as claimed by their friends in the media.

The idea that crime is in decline in Baltimore has a laughably transparent source. Baltimore officials themselves admit that crime is down simply because they have chosen to stop enforcing the law altogether.

Baltimore has stumbled upon a brilliant solution to their problems in realizing that your city cannot be a crime ridden cesspit if you decree that there are no laws to be broken and thus no crimes to be committed.

Baltimore is still a crime-ridden mess

Of course, this isn’t how any of this works. The campaign against police and permissive attitude toward criminals has only made the city worse, in spite of claims that violent crime is down significantly.

To disprove this claim, all one needs to see is the list of recorded murders and shootings in the month of March. Fortunately, we have that list on hand and can evaluate just how safe Baltimore has become.

On the 25th of March 2021 in Baltimore there were seven completely unrelated shootings which resulted in death or significant injuries.

A day like that is nothing out of the ordinary for Baltimore. In fact days without multiple shootings or murders were almost unheard of in the month of March.

How many robberies, assaults, overdoses, and drug exchanges happened over that same span of time? Baltimore doesn’t care. The city truly believes that letting crime happen with no intervention from law enforcement is the best way to make it go away.

Lies from the city and the media are sure to continue even as violence mounts over the Summer months. Reasonable people who can see reality are for now advised to ignore this nonsense and stay far away from crime loving Baltimore.

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