Christopher Wray Explains the Failures of the FBI

FBI director Christopher Wray is being forced to explain why his agency failed repeatedly to properly address the case against former USA gymnastics team doctor and serial abuser Larry Nassar. The FBI knew about what Nassar was doing long before it finally began to investigate him. Gymnasts testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 15 to expose the extensive mishandling of the case by the FBI and call for agents to face consequences.

Wray testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

Former Olympic gymnasts appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to detail the extent to which the investigation into Nassar was intentionally mishandled.

The thoroughly partisan FBI may have plenty of time to pursue political causes but it apparently has no time to pursue real criminals operating in plain sight.

Larry Nassar is now serving a term of up to 175 years in prison for abusing potentially hundreds of young girls during his time as the doctor for the national gymnastics team.

Given that many of these girls had reported him to the FBI and the Olympic Committee long before any investigation began it is clear that the case was intentionally neglected.

This refusal to prosecute Nassar or remove him from his position allowed him to continue to abuse new victims who were not aware of the allegations against their team doctor.

Gymnasts testified that agents had been dismissive and uninterested when the victims reported Nassar’s behavior in graphic detail.

FBI has fundamental problems

Christopher Wray was unable to explain or justify the behavior of his agency, instead claiming that he was bewildered and shocked by what he was hearing.

It is difficult to believe that such a high ranking employee of the FBI could have been ignorant about such a high profile case while it was going on.

While several of the agents involved have been fired, they have not been criminally charged for lying or manipulating evidence in the case to protect Nassar.

The case is indicative of a pervasive corruption and irresponsibility within the FBI which requires a major independent investigation and a reevaluation of the role of high ranking individuals.

This is what several of the Olympians at the Senate hearing demanded in their testimony, though Wray’s refusal to admit to any guilt implies that the bureau will be in no hurry to cooperate.

The FBI clearly has a fundamental problem with immoral and illegal behavior and a leadership which refuses to choose the correct priorities.

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