BLM Activists are PISSED OFF That Police Didn’t Let a Black Girl Kill Another Black Girl

A police officer in Columbus, Ohio is being attacked and threatened by BLM activists and their celebrity allies for not letting a black girl be stabbed in front of him. The shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant occurred after the teenager lunged at another with a knife just feet from the officer, who had just arrived at the scene. Occurring almost simultaneously with the reading of the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, the shooting immediately grabbed headlines.

Police officer attacked for saving black life

For BLM the shooting was perfect timing to keep up their momentum after their victory in influencing the results of the Chauvin trial.

For those who watch the footage of the event which was captured by the body camera of the police officer, the situation looks completely straightforward; the officer shot an assailant to save the life of their victim.p

There was essentially no other option for the officer. He could either watch a young girl be stabbed to death or he could shoot. Clearly the decision he made was exactly what most of us hope that the police would choose in any case.

Unfortunately for the officer the assailant was also a teenage black girl, a fact which for the left absolves her of any responsibility and makes this dutiful and honorable police officer a child murdering villain.

Some voices of reason are emerging even from unexpected quarters as the facts of the story continue to emerge and it becomes increasingly difficult for the media to spin.

It is obvious, however, that some diehards will never admit that the shooting was justified. For BLM, even an active stabbing incident does not justify use of deadly force from police.

No justified shootings ever for BLM

BLM radical Bree Newsome thinks that the knife fight was just kids being kids. According to Newsom, normal teens are out in the streets trying to stab or cut each other all the time.

Teenage girls fighting with knives is an everyday occurrence for Bree Newsome, certainly no reason for the police to interfere and prevent a murder.

Noted intellectual and professional ball thrower LeBron James posted a photo of the officer who shot Bryant for his millions of followers on Twitter, accompanied by a threatening caption.

Even the White House was quick to condemn the police for the shooting of this poor innocent “child” and ending her attempted stabbing spree.

Apparently there is no situation too violent for BLM to invent a helpless victim for. Bryant was indisputably a threat to the lives of others on the scene.

Even when they actively save black lives, this is apparently the thanks white police officers can expect to receive from BLM for their efforts and sacrifices.

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