GOP Slaps The Dems With New Voting Laws in THIS State

How many places do you need identification? There’s a lot. The lawsuit the Dems filed said the new laws discriminate against the young, low income, disabled and Native Americans. All four of those demographics are going to need identification for other things they do anyway, governor Greg Gianforte is just adding to the list. Democrats are just mad that we’re trying to restrict ways for them to cheat.

Dems like laws

That favor what they want to do. Otherwise they’re ignored and nobody dares enforce the law or say anything for fear of getting canceled.

“Montana has a long history of secure, transparent elections, setting a standard for the nation,” the Montana governor tweeted out, “These new laws establish new best practices to ensure the continued integrity of Montana’s elections for years to come.”

Within hours the Dems are fighting the laws

They won’t give an inch. They think the light at the end of the tunnel is that power that men crave. Democrat election attorney Marc Elias filed a lawsuit straight away.

“This afternoon, Montana’s Republican Governor signed two voter suppression bills into law. Tonight, on behalf of the @MTDems we sued,” Elias tweeted out.

The laws go back to the courts

The lawsuit asks the court to keep the Secretary of State from enforcing the laws. The strategy may be to keep laws you don’t like mired in courts that can be threatened and bribed.

Sandi Luckey is the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. She put out a statement, “”In America, all attempts to silence Americans should be met with an immediate response. The goal of the lawsuit is to stop Republicans from silencing voters, to protect fair elections, and the freedom to vote for everyone in Montana.”

It bears repeating

Without enforced laws, we aren’t a nation. After the 2020 election, 47 states are now cracking down on election laws. If a Democrat comes up against one though, we can only hope it will actually be enforced.

Among other things, it’s disrespectful to others to register to vote late. Rep. Sharon Greef sponsored a bill that would cut off late voter registration at noon the day prior. “We are blessed with the right to vote in our country, but with that right comes responsibility. The responsibility of registering to vote,” she said in February. “To ensure good, clean elections, election officials should concentrate on one thing the day of the election and that is the election. We don’t want frustrated voters waiting in a long line while folks ahead of them are registering at the last minute.”

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