Leftist Attorneys Salivating at Freedom Of Speech Lawsuit


What’s the other side of this story? We’re only seeing one side. For the most part, employers understand that there are certain things you don’t talk about at work. You need to watch your speech, always keep it pleasantly professional. The risk of a lawsuit is always there. With conservative speech suddenly being canceled recently, incidences like this are going to multiply.

Speech is regulated

Based on the lawsuits it generates. Politics and religion were the first two, and these two have been going on since before people became lawsuit happy. There’s new speech that’s now off limits.

Tammy McCoy of Clairton, PA claims she was fired due to pagan beliefs. She was hired as a baker at a Panera branch in Pleasant Hills in October 2019. She said she doesn’t discuss religion where she works, she doesn’t feel that’s appropriate. She was on a lunch break the end of May 2020 when she talked with the assistant manager Lori Dubs.

Speech has to be careful now

Speech needs to be politically correct or it’s possible to ruin somebody’s life over it. It’s not a law profession anymore, being attorney is a legal profession now. And there’s a lot of money involved. McCoy claimed Dubs asked her religion. McCoy’s response was, “I am Pagan”.

By definition, Pagan covers a number of faiths equated with nature and magic. The manager then said McCoy was going to hell with Dubs nodding her head in agreement.

Speech then actions

The lawsuit alleges a variety of discriminatory actions followed that declaration. McCoy’s hours were scaled back. She asked why and was told she “needed to find God” if she wanted her previous hours restored. Her pay was deducted for breaks she never took.

McCoy asked to be reassigned to a different store. She was told, “No, we’re probably going to get rid of you anyways.” Nobody answered at Panera’s human resources dept. Threats became worse, creating a hostile environment. July 27 she was told to give notice.

The Rev. Selena Fox, executive director of Lady Liberty League, a Pagan civil rights organization, is on it and has been in touch with both employee and employer. “Pagans are continuing the quest for full equality, liberty, and justice in the U.S.A. and other parts of the world. Although there have been a variety of pagan rights legal victories, unfortunately, anti-pagan prejudice, harassment, discrimination, and defamation still happen.”


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