Video: BLM and Antifa Have Decimated This City So Much It is Unrecognizable

Only a few years ago the city of Portland, Oregon had a reputation as the premier left wing destination in America. A fairly safe and affluent, if frequently wacky and liberal, city on the left coast which was easy enough to laugh at or ignore. Now the city is nearly unrecognizable after a year of near constant Antifa and BLM destruction and occupation. Portland has become  a dangerous, crime ridden mess at the hands of the population it indulged and attracted so infamously.

Portland still burning

Portland Antifa and BLM supporters had plans to riot on the night of April 20 well in advance of the reading of the Derek Chauvin verdict.

The trial was not so much a trigger for unrest as an excuse for the Portland rioters to indulge in what has become their favorite hobby. To some extent the city has been in a near constant state of unrest of the past year.

Portland has long served as a haven and a beacon for the most radical of the radical left in America and beyond. The city could practically serve as the national headquarters for Antifa in the United States, their presence is so entrenched there.

Even as other cities fell into periods of uneasy peace after the worst of the national rioting last Summer, Portland has continued to regularly flare up into burning and destruction at the hands of the far left which has established itself there.

The violence and destruction in Portland has been almost nonstop, with communist and anarchist partisans emerging nightly to do battle with the Portland Police and smash windows and storefronts.

Tear gas, rubber bullets, Molotov cocktails, and burning buildings have become a regular sight in the leftist city once known primarily for hipsters and environmentalists.

Left wing city slowly collapsing

Last August in Portland an Antifa shooting led to the death of one Trump supporter. The shooter, Michael Reinoehl, was later eliminated by U.S. Marshals after he aimed a handgun at them.

The lawlessness in Portland continued through the efforts of President Trump to quell the unrest using federal resources, which city leadership strongly objected to.

The violence and destruction has driven away some residents, who see no end in sight and fear that riots will only increase in intensity with the coming of another Summer.

Still, many in Portland support the constant protests and riots. For many left wing radicals, this is exactly why they moved to the city in the first place.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has consistently failed to address the concerns of citizens who still fear for their safety and property. The mayor also faces attacks from leftists who feel that the left wing mayor is not permissive enough.

The ongoing death of the American city has been slow and torturous in most cases and largely unexpected in some. In the case of Portland, however, the city seems to be only reaping what it has sewn with decades of pandering to radical leftists.

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