Dems Disputing a GOP Candidacy

A leftist advocacy group is attempting to subvert legitimate election results in North Carolina by asking the government to disqualify GOP Representative Madison Cawthorn. The left-wing insurrectionists have chosen Cawthorn as the first trial target for a new strategy being touted by desperate Democrats, fearing that they will lose control of Congress in anything resembling a free and fair election in November.

Leftists target GOP candidates

Headlines from the leftist media announce universally that “North Carolina voters” are challenging Cawthorn’s right to serve as a duly elected representative.

In fact, the challenge has been organized by Free Speech for People, a national leftist organization which is working across the country to disenfranchise conservatives and Republicans.

Ron Fein, the group’s legal director, claims to have found a grand total of 11 voters in Cawthorn’s district who are willing to provide the group with a legal prop for the challenge.

These 11 individuals are meant to disenfranchise the 245,000 others who elected Cawthorn in 2020 and those who are likely to reelect him in 2022.

This is obviously a dangerous attack on our representative democracy from a small group of insurrectionists who are not willing to acknowledge legitimate election results.

If the challenge against Cawthorn succeeds, these left-wing insurrectionists will be allowed to throw out results in states across the country; this is extremely dangerous to our democracy!


Disturbing trend appears

Other aspiring insurrectionists and domestic terrorists have actually threatened Cawthorn and his supporters with violence; his unhinged 2020 opponent (a retired Air Force colonel) has previously expressed a blunt desire to murder Republicans and detain Cawthorn in Guantanamo Bay.

Powerful politicians and military leaders talking about banning political opponents and torturing them in secretive offshore prison facilities? If this were a foreign country our Congress would be imposing sanctions and sending in the CIA.

Free Speech for People and other Democrats advocating for this anti-Republican strategy are hoping to treat their political opponents as enemy combatants, something which these sick individuals try to justify using the Constitution.

The idea is disturbingly popular with leading Democrats; Nancy Pelosi even extended her domestic terrorism accusations to GOP state legislators who weren’t anywhere near the Capitol on January 6.

A spokesman for Cawthorn laughed off the challenge, but with so many powerful people behind it the threat is certainly no joke.

Democrats who expect to lose in 2022 are very serious about their efforts to disenfranchise millions of Americans who vote for the wrong party. Cawthorn is only step one on the road to eliminating all political opposition to their extremist agenda.

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