Biden Announces Another Dumb Move as They Look to Piss Off Every American Out There

President Biden isn’t slowing down on insulting normal Americans. The Biden Administration has now endorsed the movement to make Washington D.C. a  51st state. Democrats are finally moving forward with their plan to make D.C. a state with full representation in Congress, now with the full support of the White House. Statehood for D.C. would aid Democrats in securing their control of the Senate and give them additional seats in the House of Representatives.

A new name for a new state

Arguably the most insulting part of the statehood movement is the plan to change the name of Washington D.C. itself.

The Capital will no longer be the District of Columbia, instead leftists have decreed that the city should be known as the “State of Washington, Douglas Commonwealth.”

Leftists have singled Christopher Columbus out for special hatred in recent years and Columbia, historically the national personification of America, is named for the explorer.

The name change was part of the solidification of BLM power in D.C. which took place throughout the Summer of 2020, when local authorities fully embraced the BLM mob.

Now they are aiming to turn it into an official change to accompany statehood for the city. As George Washington himself was a slave owning southerner the first half of the name will undoubtedly be thrown out as well soon enough.

Democrats had vowed to advance the statehood issue within the first 100 days of the Biden Administration and are upholding that promise with an upcoming vote on H.R. 51, the Washington D.C. Admission Act.

New Dawn over Washington – with 3 iconic monuments illuminated at sunrise: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.

Biden aims for the Senate

Statehood for D.C. has been a longtime concern for Democrats, purely because it would mean two extra guaranteed seats in the United States Senate.

Every Senate seat counts for Biden and the Democrats if they are to succeed in pushing through their agenda. Court packing and other radical moves would require a stronger grip on Congress if they are to become a reality.

While the House will likely pass the statehood legislation with strong Democrat support, the Senate would need ten Republican defections to approve the D.C. bill.

While Democrats claim that the move is about establishing fair reputation for the population of D.C., most Republicans seem to be aware that statehood is a purely political cause.

Republican Senators would be essentially voting away their own power if they were to defect and approve the legislation. Presumably GOP Senators are intelligent enough to understand that, making success in this round unlikely for Democrats.

Biden and the Democrats clearly plan to make good use of their time in office over the next few years and the D.C. issue will surely come up again as they seek to establish absolute and permanent control over the government. It may only be a matter of time.

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