Dems Continue to Flirt With Disaster, Pushing Americans to Their Breaking Point

Americans who are seeing the rule of law dissolve on all sides have been given another blow by Democrats in Congress. Maxine Waters will face no consequences in the House for threatening jurors in the Chauvin case and attempting to incite a riot. A Republican effort to censure Waters was defeated in a vote which saw every Democrat representative rally around Waters and Nancy Pelosi, who had already defended the comments made by Waters.

Waters faces no consequences

Maxine Waters was heavily criticized by Republicans for telling BLM protesters that they needed to become more “active” and “confrontational” if the Chauvin jury returned a verdict they didn’t like.

Democrats, however, have rallied behind Maxine and her efforts to interfere in the American justice system. Even President Biden echoed her sentiments in his own comments on the trial.

Now Democrats in Congress have sent a clear and strong message to America that threatening juries and inciting riots is perfectly fine when they do it. Apparently not a single Democrat representative was willing to condemn this.

The rare patriot who appears in Congress is quickly disavowed and condemned by their colleagues. Openly expressing contempt for American rights and freedoms is perfectly acceptable it seems.

Maxine Waters has expressed similar support for leftist rioters and their criminal activity in the past. In 2018 Waters openly called for her supporters to find and harass Trump cabinet members in public places.

It is unknown if Republican leadership will attempt to make Waters face any other consequences for her comments or if this will be considered the end of the matter.

American liberty insulted again

Americans ought to be nearly at their breaking points with these constant insults to them and the rights which used to be held sacred in this country.

Law and order is already dissolving in America, mobs freely burn cities and tear down monuments as they attack the legacy of what our founders and ancestors built.

Now Democrats declare that threatening a jury to ensure a political verdict is perfectly acceptable in 2021. Justice is whatever BLM and the left decide it is now.

These are 3rd world conditions being confirmed at the highest level of authority in America. Rigged elections and courts are to be expected now, all while the media and politicians lecture Americans about how healthy their democracy is.

How much more will Americans take? There’s no limit in the eyes of Maxine Waters and her allies. No matter how outrageous and illegal it is, Democrats in Congress will give it their official seal of approval if it furthers the proper agenda.

Tracking the decline of American politics is almost becoming tedious at this point. One can only hope that enough of the public is getting angry enough to put a stop to this soon.

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