CNN is Bleeding People and Money

More money going out to attract less people is a recipe for closing a business. CNN+ doesn’t even offer CNN, nor can you stream from the website. Discovery just merged with them and will be cutting investments. A couple people left great jobs to come here. Chris Wallace left a lucrative spot at Fox to come to a sinking ship. NBC’s Kasie Hunt may need to be talking to her team about career options too.

CNN business sense

Doesn’t make any sense. So far, an unsustainable $300 million has been invested in CNN+ for only 10,000 viewers. A lot more was slated to go into this for a total of $1 billion to attract 25,000 viewers.

CNN+ doesn’t even offer CNN. You can’t stream anything there. You can stream for free on YouTube. Nobody watches old newscasts and that’s what you’d find.

Cuts are coming

Warner Bros. Discovery just merged and there are cuts in the air. CNN may be integrated with HBOMax or some such and shows will go there to die. CNN+ is not going to be stand alone.

Chris Wallace wants to go into Chris Cuomo’s old time slot and he threatening to walk if that doesn’t happen. CNN Chief Jeff Zucker was still there when Wallace came on, then the bottom dropped out. Wallace’s career could drop out too.

Souls were sold

Both Wallace and Hunt are smart people. Something happened for them to bail out of attractive positions to come here. That doesn’t make any sense either. Their research surely would have shown this wasn’t a smart move. But here we are.

Anybody with any business sense could have predicted this would fail. But business sense might not have been the driver. Advertisers aren’t going to advertise to nobody. Downsizing is on the horizon. The network actually thought it would be successful as it sets. It has an uphill battle to fight to regain any integrity should it have any hope of remaining intact.

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