Hunter Biden Revelations

Democrats make up rules as they go. The latest one is allowing a convicted felon, somebody who shouldn’t be able to get clearance, to accompany the president in the White House. Joe is clinging to power, refusing to step down after the last disastrous debate. Hunter Biden is now accompanying his dad in official meetings and engaging with senior officials. People have been stunned by his appearance.


Hunter Biden in the White House

The reaction has been, “What the hell is happening?” In 2019 the son texted the father and said, “If you don’t run I’ll never have a chance at redemption.”

The son fits right in the family. He’s a drug addict who has used prostitutes and has belonged to sex clubs. Dad calls him “the smartest guy I know”.

Hunter has multiple felony gun charges and faces more charges related to taxes. He fathered a child with a stripper while dating his dead brother’s widow.

Hunter helping dad

Since dad’s condition is deteriorating he might be stepping in to help. If he wasn’t the president’s son he likely wouldn’t be allowed in.

He shouldn’t be able to get security clearance with his felonies and people have spoken up about it. Alberto Martinez is the former chief of staff for Marco Rubio.

Martinez noted, “If he were not the President’s son, Hunter would not pass the background check to attend an event with the President, let alone work in the White House.” Podcast host Stephen Miller wondered, “Does Hunter Biden have a security clearance?

White House press secretary

Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed it both family time due to Independence Day and that Hunter wasn’t in meetings long, he just “popped in”.

“The president is very close to family. This is a holiday week, Fourth of July. He spent time with his family, as you all know, at Camp David. Hunter came back with him and walked with him into that meeting, that speech prep, and he ended up spending time with his dad and his family that night. That is basically what happened. It is a week where there are going to be more family members are going to come to the White House. I’m sure you’ll see some of them on Fourth of July, many more are expected to be here.”

The President’s condition has been reported as “increasingly appeared confused or listless, or would lose the thread of conversations” and these incidents are “growing more frequent, more pronounced and more worrisome.” His schedule allows “time for an afternoon nap each day” and he doesn’t start the day before 11 am.

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