Reba McEntire Contracts Covid After Receiving the Vax

So why are we supposed to get that extra layer, a vaccine, if it doesn’t do any good? Country singer Reba McEntire contracted COVID even after receiving the vaccine that’s supposed to protect us so we can go back to normal. It’s a virus that mutates to live. It’s never going away. The flu and common cold are also viruses. There’s a flu shot that doesn’t always work either. So are masks here to stay?

COVID strikes anybody

Including celebrities. Reba McEntire and her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, told people on TikTok that they’d contracted the illness in spite of being vaccinated.

McEntire talked to her fans in the video,“This has been a hard year, and it’s getting rougher again. You guys, please stay safe. Wear your mask. Do what you have to do. Stay home.”

COVID can’t keep us in our houses forever though

Other countries and states have much more relaxed COVID rules and their numbers are the same. McEntire is from Oklahoma. They planned on touring next year but now they’re not sure.

She noted, “I have no idea what our plans are for next year.” The CDC will continue to advocate for vaccinations since those who get sick are more likely to not be vaccinated.

Masks again

But for how long? Years? The CDC is recommending that even those vaccinated should wear masks indoors around those who might be more easily transmittable.

McEntire and her boyfriend may quarantine herself due to COVID but you can’t stay indoors forever. People still need to get out to appointments, grocery stores, work and general life. She’s right, it’s not fun. No virus ever is. But we’ve never locked down the country like this over other illnesses which were more deadly than this. If a celebrity feels the need to quarantine, she’s welcome to do so. Just don’t ask the whole country to go back into their houses.

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