Secret Service Can’t Find Already Public Hunter Biden Records

When the Secret Service was asked for records about Hunter Biden, they couldn’t find them. What makes that so special is that Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson were the ones doing the asking. Officially, “the agency has been unable to locate any emails or other records.” The problem is that the public already knew about one thread from back in 2011 and it was a doozie.

Hunter goes to Mexico

Back in the spring of 2011, Hunter Biden wanted to take a little journey south of the border to Monterrey, Mexico. Of course, he needed secret service protection the keep him out of trouble. That’s why Secret Service agent Yvonne DiCristoforo sent him a little happy-gram by email dated April 28, 2011.

I have some specific information to provide you that we received from our Mexico City office.” There must have been a screaming deal to be had on Peruvian flake or something. “I know you are out of the office this evening, but if you could contact me at your convenience, I would appreciate it.” Grassley and Johnson were told that conversation never happened.

Records filed by the SS clearly confirm that “Hunter Biden, in fact, took the trip with agents protecting him between May 15 to May 17, 2011.” The emails setting it up were on his notorious laptop. The one he dropped off for repair but never picked back up.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation has had their hands on it for years but never investigated it. Senate investigators are getting irate about that. Especially because the bureau seems to be lying. There are charges for lying to the FBI but it doesn’t seem to matter when the FBI lies to congress.

On February 14, Secret Service Director James M. Murray whined to the senators that the “Secret Service worked extensively with your committees, and agreed to search parameters provided by your office as to identify communications regarding Mr. Biden’s travel.

They couldn’t find a thing for Hunter. “These search parameters did not yield communications for the years 2010, 2011, or 2013.

Five dozen emails

While the Secret Service couldn’t find a single thing, Just the News “found about five dozen emails between Hunter Biden and his Secret Service handlers on the FBI-seized laptop for those same years, as well as other ones in other years that Senate investigators said they had not previously seen.” Not only that, it’s easy to see from the subject lines that many were relevant. Grassley is steamed.

The Secret Service says they don’t have records for three years during Hunter Biden’s time as a protectee, but I have reason to believe they do. In fact, I suspect there was also communication between Secret Service employees and Hunter Biden even after his protection ended. The Secret Service needs to come clean, and I intend to get to the bottom of this discrepancy.

When the message is about something like “upcoming trip” or “all checked in,” it’s crystal clear “they involved the subject of travel.” Most were routine daily business. One concerned a little junket to Haiti. “Hi Hunter and Kathleen,” Agent Ian Rifield wrote February 17, 2010.

Biden had his “then-wife” along. “Enjoy your travels and please be careful in Haiti. I also would ask that you make sure that each of the young ladies has my cell phone number programmed into their cell phone and that they know to call me if they have any problems while you are gone.

Hunter had an interesting thing when he responded, noting that one stop on his trip had been canceled. “We are not going to Antarctica.” He was having issues at the “State dept again.

The agents were disappointed they couldn’t get “snowed” in with him. “Sorry about that. the guys were looking forward to going and training hard,” Rifield tapped out. “Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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