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Breaking: Legendary Writer Dead

A legendary screenwriter is dead.

The man who brought “Chinatown” to the big screen, Robert Towne, passed away this week.

He was 89 years old.

A Legend is gone

A report from Towne’s representatives stated that he passed at home surrounded by family and friends.

No more information was given about his death.

“Chinatown” hit the big screen in 1974 and it launched numerous careers.

When you look at the list of cast members today, one can only imagine how large the budget would have needed to be had they known the star power in that movie.

Some of the top cast members were Faye Dunaway, Jack Nicholson, John Hillerman, and John Huston.

It is no wonder that Towne won an Oscar for the movie.

He also received Oscar nominations for two more megahits, “Shampoo”, and “The Last Detail.”

Author Sam Wasson paid tribute to Towne, stating, “Robert Towne once said that Chinatown is a state of mind.

“Not just a place on the map in Los Angeles, but a condition of total awareness almost indistinguishable from blindness.

“Dreaming you’re in paradise and waking up in the dark — that’s Chinatown. Thinking you’ve got it figured out and realizing you’re dead — that’s Chinatown.”

As did the American Film Institute (AFI), which posted, “Farewell to the legendary Robert Towne.

“From writing masterpieces like CHINATOWN, SHAMPOO & countless others, his influence is everlasting. Honored with an AFI honorary degree in 2014 for his contribution to the art form, his legacy will continue to inspire filmmakers everywhere.”

His movies were magical from a time in Hollywood we are likely to never experience again.

Rest in peace, Mr. Towne.

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